Tuesday, October 18, 2011

when was the last time I did an outfit post again?

Ok, that was a long title, but really, when was it? I know I did some photo-montage quasi-outfit posts (don't ask me what that description was supposed to mean) in New York, but when was the last time Nicole and I creeped around the back of the Jesuit residence and took photos hoping people weren't staring out the dining hall windows and judging us? Too long ago. So here you go! And not to get you guys excited for nothing, but I'm really loving my outfit today...

old navy button down
gap tank
vintage necklace
j. crew skirt
minnetonka moccasins

 Yesterday was laundry day! And not a day too soon, things were about to get pretty sketchy in my closet... But this means that my favorite shirt is clean! Or was? I always seem to do this - as soon as this button down is clean, I think of a new way to wear it, and then it's dirty and since I'm way too lazy to do laundry more than once every month 3 weeks, I have to wait to wear it again! Why didn't I buy it in multiples?

Love the texture of this skirt. Originally I had planned to wear this outfit with my vintange sunflower skirt, but decided that it looked too country - so on a whim I pulled this one out and it was perfection! Tweedy, dark green (my current favorite color of course). J. Crew really does do it all well...

Ok now I need to wrap up this post without too much explanation of my day! I'm meeting my friend Emily for dinner and some much-needed catching up, since I haven't seen her in, oh, 2 weeks or so? Tonight is tutoring and a cappella craziness, so I won't be back to the room until around 11:00ish most likely... hope you are all having a great day!


  1. cute skirt lady.
    love all the great earthy tones.!

    kaitlin xo

  2. Still a little countryish...jk! After all I'm obsessed with anything and everything country after seeing Footloose! Which we are totally seeing when I come visit you in two weeks fyi. 16 days to be exact! Jealous that it's warm in DC and I broke out the North Face and Uggs tonight...then again I am a bit of a wimp when it drops below 65 degrees.

    The Girl in College


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