Monday, October 24, 2011

big fuzzy scarf

Sorry for once again failing at posting on weekends! I worked Friday, Saturday and, you guessed it, Sunday too - awesome Homecoming, right? The good news is I just quit! I mean, I am most definitely going to miss all the nice people I met and being around clothes all the time, but it was honestly going to be the death of me...

loft button down
h&m scarf
old navy pants (yes, they were only 97 cents. and yes, I am going to say that every time I post them)
coach bookbag
frye boots
various rings
bracelet was a present from Beth (originally jewelmint I believe?)

 So when I suggested I post here I was thinking how I wanted a different setting, and didn't really consider the golf cart in the background - sorry about that? (Also, sidenote: I've been really bitter about all the golf carts on campus ever since I was crippled and didn't get one. Mark my words one of these days I will take one on a joyride as revenge...) Ignoring my insanity Regardless, really like the colors of this outfit! I've worn the blouse and pants together, but throwing on the burgundy scarf and the black boots really brings it into fall I think. And the weather in Georgetown today was gorgeous! Yay for fall.

Ewwww. Just noticed in the close-up photo that this scarf is a bit prone to dust-collecting. Also it leaves red fuzzies on everything. But I still wear it! It's just so fluffy and the perfect fall color. 

My mom comes into town on Wednesday! I can't wait to see her, it's been wayyyy too long since I last saw my family - and I don't even get to see the rest of them until Thanksgiving! The difficulties of going away to school... Now I need to do some homework, and then actually get some sleep tonight - apparently chai lattes keep me awake at night? Not really what I needed, to be honest. But guess what? We all survived Monday! Have a good night :)


  1. i love your spoon ring.
    I would have never guessing that book bag was coach. it's so darling.
    and yes i totally love your boots.
    darling as always

    Kait xo

  2. perfect!!like it!!
    love your boots and scarf!!

  3. That bag is so perfect for uni and I can't believe you got your pants for 97 cents!


  4. thanks for commenting! this is a great outfit, love the big fluffy scard and that satchel! <3


  5. Woah, I can't believe that the jeans were only 97 cents! That's super cheap and they look lovely on you! I love the colour of your scarf too.


  6. Cute outfit! I really love your shirt :)

  7. um how did you buy pants for a dollar?!

  8. I am in LOVE with ur bracelet. SO UNIQUE!


  9. Love your boots and the bracelets so unique!

  10. Lovely outfit, perfect for the occasion!

  11. awww i love this outfit!u look so freaking cute!those boots are amazing!thansk for your sweet words and hope u'll come visit me more often!



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