Sunday, October 16, 2011

blog award

Sorry I'm such a horrible blogger! I just looked up my last post, realized it was on Wednesday, realized that it was just outfit snippets, and died a little inside. But I have an excuse! I just finished the most hellish weekend of work that has ever existed. 20 hours of work in 48 hours. Think about that for a second. And add on that I horrifically broke my foot less than a year ago? Yeah, fun times... But you know what is fun!? Receiving awards. And Molly, from She Wore Fashion Out, has done just that for me! So here we go:

The Rules Are As Follows...
-Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
-Write 7 random facts about yourself.
-Pass on the award to 15 other bloggers.

So... 7 things you don't know about me (because clearly I don't talk about myself enough on this blog)
1. I skipped kindergarten
2. My favorite vegetable is spinach (or sweet potatoes? Why am I sharing this?)
3. In high school I was in a travelling all-girls choir and went to England, Italy, and Greece for various festivals/competitions. 
4. I'm currently listening to an Ingrid Michaelson Pandora station, which I have groomed in the past few weeks to play, in addition to copious amounts of her amazing music, contemporary piano and some really great a cappella. Best station ever? I think so.
5. I really like cupcakes (oh wait. I tell you that every day - ummmm, I also like brownies and cookies? And truffles. Let's just say desserts in general....)
6. My favorite movie is Love Actually
7.  I've been watching Gilmore Girls from start to finish for the first time in these past few weeks and am loving it! I'm on Season 3 right now, pretty much amazing :)

Well that was really weird fascinating I'm sure. Now, for the lovely ladies I'd like to tag!

(ok those first two girls are my friends from home, but everyone should check out their blogs they are both amazing!)

Ok, I know I should have more, but I'm horrible and don't read as many blogs as I should! Instead I read international finance, and other fun things like that.... I know you wish you were me :)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Now I need to get to work. I leave you with this, enjoy:

(Laduree macaroons = love of my life)


  1. OMG Love Actually is your favorite movie now??? Remember when I forced you to watch it for the first time like a year or two ago but I like slept through it (obvi) and then you were like omg it's so good. Yeah, I just remembered that. Weird, I didn't realize it was now your favorite movie lol! And I'll get around to doing it...maybe...after this hellish week

    The Girl in College

  2. how cute is this award. it's the first time i've heard of it but its so darling.

    kaitlin xo

  3. Ahhh thank you!
    So cool that you were traveling with your choir!! And cupcakes and cookies and brownies and truffles and macaroons mmm all so delicious! :D

  4. Woah, that's a lot of hours at work - I used to work it and I felt exhausted afterwards. I love spinach too. Ps - Congratulations on receiving your blog award.


  5. Congrats and its nice to know more about you with this post or award:)

  6. awee thanks for thinking of us...We love cup cake much so that we have started shooting all our looks in this new cupcake cafe called Dr. Bombay's its really cool and amazing cupcake deary.

    The Fashington Press

  7. ooo and we are following you on bloglovin missy

    P x

  8. You cannot go wrong with a good cupcake, glad you liked your award. I loved your answers :D


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