Monday, October 10, 2011

new york, take 2

So my previous post was titled "new york, take 2," as this last weekend in New York was my second time visiting Beth at Fordham. But my roommate got confused and was wondering where "new york, take 1" was - so I just changed it to take 1, and here you have take 2, with photos of Beth and I in Times Square

Ok so lot's of Beth's outfit is from our shopping excursion on Saturday, so I feel pretty confident id'ing most of her pieces - the dress is from my new favorite thrift store AuH20 in the East Village (so jealous that Beth can now go there whenever she wants), the necklace is from the street fair we wandered Sunday afternoon, and her bag (it's like a mini-me of my bag!) and shoes are from Cure, another thrift store in the village - we just might have done a bit of damage in the Village Saturday afternoon? 

I have to say I am loving her leather jacket though, right? I own a leather jacket and never seem to wear it, but Beth definitely rocks hers. We looked very chic out on the town together.

beret from Canada? (I know, super-specific)
vintage necklace
h&m dress and flats
coach bag
thrifted button down (tied to bag - Sunday was quite warm!) 

Can we talk about how much I love this necklace?  It's one of my finds from my new favorite store, and even though it was the most expensive thing either of us bought there at $24 - and Beth even bought a Burberry sweater - I couldn't resist. It's vintage-y, it's sparkly, it's chunky.... what else is there in a necklace?

Ok, that's a lot of photos for you all to digest and Nicole really wants me to stop writing so that we can watch the Lying Game - so that's all for this post! Perhaps tomorrow I will inundate you with pictures of New York food, or maybe show off my new purchases? Choices... Hope you all had an amazing weekend!


  1. so prettys!!
    kisses and have a nice day=)

  2. Great photos, I bet you had an amazing time.


  3. I love the red jacket:) and new york my dream city!


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