Thursday, October 6, 2011

cord skirt #2

When I got dressed this morning I really didn't think about this... but this is my second post in a row wearing a cord skirt (different cord skirts? I don't know if I should own multiple). This one is from J.Crew, and is such a nice navy blue, I couldn't resist

target tank
h&m button down
jcrew skirt
belt is stolen from my favorite 70's floral dress
nordstrom bracelet
minnetonka moccasins

 I think I remember just the other day telling my mom that I would never take pictures inside the dorm, that it would be better not to post than to put up pictures with such horrid fluorescent lights... but here I am, putting up pictures taken in the hallway! My apologies - we had just gotten back from dinner and didn't feel like going back up and down three flights of stairs (totally legitimate reason of course)

I'm really a fan of stealing this dress's belt and pairing it with other pieces in my wardrobe! It looks adorable with my yellow tshirt dress, and I'm loving it with the cord skirt! Technically as you can see I don't have belt loops, but do I let that stop me? Of course not. Pseudo-paperbag-waistline here I come! Also, how sparkly is this bracelet? I'm a fan.

I survived my hell day! Seriously, by about 10 last night I was ready to drop dead. Now I know what most college students feel like every day? I don't think I was built for this... But I leave for New York tomorrow! Packing needs to start happening soon - but less this year, since I hope to be bringing back many new pieces of clothing. Yes, the shopping ban is coming to an end. Get ready. 


  1. lovely button down!:)

  2. i always have loved cords but i always felt like a 'nerd' haha you are rocking the look though!
    love it

    kisses from kaitlin

  3. love that shirt!!
    kisses pretty=)

  4. I have those same mochs! I just love them, they go with EVERYTHING!

  5. Pretty post :D

  6. Nice outfit!


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