Friday, September 23, 2011

fall florals

I'm starting to lose faith in the fact that the sun actually exists on the East Coast...but seriously though. It's been raining for like a week straight. The blue sky peeked through for about 5 minutes after dinner today. I almost cried with happiness... It's gone now. In case you're wondering.

vintage necklace and dress
hunter rainboots

 We really need to stop taking photos around the outside of the Jesuit residence... people are starting to give us odd looks. But I hate people seeing me when we're doing photos! So we run around to the back of the building and I can do my awkward photoshoots in peace.

What would I do without my grandmothers' jewelry? They've both sent me so many beautiful pieces, my jewelry collection would seriously be sad without them - I mean look at my bejeweled pringle. Perfection.  

It's Friday! Can we all just take a collective sigh of relief right now? It's been a long week, I must say. But guess what? Two weeks from now,  I will be in NYC! As per our new tradition (yes, you can have a tradition after just one year), I will be going to visit my friend Beth at Fordham in New York every year over Columbus Day - though I may need to make an earlier visit next year for FNO... We'll go shopping, go to a museum, maybe find tickets for a show - and I get to see my lovely friend for a weekend :) Can't wait! Ok, now I'm going to go meet Colleen once she gets off of work in Chinatown for some lovely late-night cupcake bonding and a movie! Have a great weekend all


  1. Beautiful outfit!:) love your blog<3

  2. love,love your hunter!!!=)
    kisses and have a nice day!=)

  3. Love the dress and thats suce a lovely necklace :)

  4. Hi Alison, your Dress is lovely and never mind the rain it's good to see you wearing your Wellingtons again, I love them.

  5. I agree with Julia, you look so dishy when you've got your Rubber Wellingtons on ,let it rain forever.

  6. Hi, your blog is amazing!
    I really love the shots :)

    Check out mine!


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