Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today was a lovely day, and I felt like wearing something that would sway in the breeze - kind of a weird feeling, but since skirts that can sway in the breeze can get a bit sketchy, I decided to opt for my lovely oversized sea foam-green shirt!

american apparel button down
gap tank
jcrew belt
charlotte russe shorts
born sandals

All my friends are kind of baffled by my wearing of color. I mean, look at this shirt! It's green. Seafoam green. And I wore a purple dress a few days ago? It's a revolution in my wardrobe! Except not really. When fall returns I will be back to my neutrals, don't even worry about it.

And this is the awkward "Alison's shirt is longer than her shorts in the back." Almost long enough to be a dress - I mean, it's me, so if it wasn't so sheer I would probably wear it as a dress.

Had my first tutoring session earlier tonight! Got to be honest, it was kind of stressful. First of all, I got there a bit early and started answering someone's question but was having some issues, so the first thing my co-tutor had to do when he got there was to correct me and fix all the confusion I had just created - great first impression for him to have, right? Totally going to trust me as a co-tutor now... And secondly, they told us that it probably wouldn't be busy, so we should just bring extra work along. So I bring all these books, expecting to work most all of the two hours. And how much time to I get to read? 15 minutes. At the very end. I mean, I can't blame them for having problems already, it is after all microeconomics. I will just have to know from now on that I will not get much work done in those two hours. Which is probably good, as that's not what I'm getting paid for? Anyways, Nicole and I have to watch "The Lying Game" now, have a good night :)


  1. Ooh. Sheer, neon seafoam! I feel like neon and sheer fabrics aren't paired enough these days. It looks great with your hair color!

    ( Fashion Battleship )

  2. I LOVE that seafoam top. The color is amazing and it really makes you stand out. :) You look great. Hope the tutoring thing gets better. Following you by the way. xx


  3. your cardigan looks so nice and breezy! i just love that shade of green :)


  4. I adore your fresh outfit, your cardigan is so cute! Love the pic around the flowers too!!!


  5. Love your shorts! It was your first day, i'm sure he'll forgive you. x hivenn

  6. Pretty, love the cardigan.

  7. I like so much the cardigan <3
    you look sweet!

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