Friday, September 9, 2011

shades of red

Or rather, just one shade of red - burgundy, to be specific. But honest to goodness (does anyone use that phrase anymore?) it has to be one of my favorite colors for this fall! So in lieu of an outfit post for the day - as the bipolar change from gray and rainy to swelteringly sunny has made dressing slightly difficult - I have a variety of beautiful burgundy-based inspirational images for you!

Can you guess who this is? Of course you can... it's Celine! I feel like by now her point of view is so distinct and recognizable, I would know it anywhere. But to stop ranting about the amazingness of Celine (as that would be it's own post), she had some lovely burgundy incorporated into her collection. That jacket is to die for.

Next from Emilio Pucci we get these lovely burgundy pants. And can I just put this out there - I really want a pair of burgundy pants. Like a lot. There was a pair of Gap legging jeans on sale back home at the mall, but there was only one pair left. I asked for her to look them up, and apparently there were none left in the entire country? I don't know, but regardless, I'm on the hunt (or I would be, if I weren't on a shopping ban? Will that last if I find them?)
 above images all from
Last but clearly not least, The Row. Also quite recognizable from their oversized fur turbans. If only they weren't so expensive! Honestly, the Row comes out with some of the most classic yet interesting, luxurious, and well-made pieces I've ever seen.... one day I will marry a rich man and buy it all.... just kidding. sort of.

shades of red

And now we have a little collage, courtesy of moi (and polyvore). Oh the things I would buy, if only I weren't on a shopping ban... I'm especially enjoying the things that are both burgundy and velvet. They have a particularly nice look to them don't you think?

What are you favorite colors for the season?

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