Sunday, September 4, 2011

pretty birds

Forgive me my failure to post these last few days. It's not like I was badly dressed and didn't want you all to see - I looked adorable, if I do say so myself. Problem was, it would get to 10:00 or so at night and I would think to myself "Did you get anyone to take pictures for you today Alison? No? Well..." And then I would attempt to take self-timer photos in the room, proceed to see the horrid fluorescent lighting, and decide that no one in their right mind should see them (though I am tempted to put up an attempt later in the week if I forget to take my daily photos again). But today I remembered! So here you go

forever 21 top
target skirt
born sandals
vintage necklace

 Well to be completely honest this is yesterday's outfit. Today I am in a much more basic tshirt and shorts combo, as is my Sunday (a.k.a. homework day) routine. Also part of my Sunday routine: Starbucks! Random thing to share, I just love it. Every Sunday morning I get up and bring all my books over to the Student Center, where I get some sort of muffin-esque pastry-thing and a coffee and spend a few hours in a comfy chair reading and people-watching. In case you were wondering I know you weren't.

For the first time my pendant is long enough that I can take a picture of it and not be snapping a picture of my chest! Nicole is always laughing about me taking the camera after our photoshoots, turning it around and taking awkward photos just for this purpose - oh all the inappropriate failures... Oh and if you look closely at this necklace you can see it's actually quite a disturbing scene! I think they're breaking someone's neck on the stage, can't really tell. I love when people compliment me on it and I can tell them what it really is. Simple joys in life, right?

I feel like I've already shared enough random stuff about my days, so I'll probably leave it at that! Except here is my activity of Friday night, namely night-monumenting! You can see another one of my outfits, in dark group-picture form:

(I was wearing a J. Crew cardigan, Martin & Osa tank, thrifted belt, Gap shorts, and Toms) Assuming you all have the day off tomorrow like I do, enjoy the long weekend!


  1. cute outfit!! I really like your shirt! :)

  2. nice shots! loving the group pic as well. looks like you have good friends :D

  3. These are lovely photos, that necklace is just so charming. And this group photo is so sweet, you and your friends look so pretty here.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  4. Nice pictures!!, i love your blouse !!

  5. love your shirt and the necklace is pretty cute :)


  6. You look so super cute!! Love the top & necklace. Thanks for sharing!! :)

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