Friday, September 16, 2011

wait, it's fall now?

So I looked at my phone this morning to check the weather and saw that it would be around 60 degrees. I mean, ok, I can handle that... But then I step outside my dorm. And it's chilly! This was totally unexpected! I mean, I could handle 50s and 60s - in November. This is not what I left the frigid north for...

nordstrom cardigan
costco tank top (yes, they do exist. and are quite comfortable)
j brand cords
teva flip flops

I'm wearing flip flops in an outfit post! This is my first time doing this, not sure how I feel about it. It was just a flip flop day I guess? Oh, and this cardigan? I love how it kind of has a tweedy, Chanel look to it (at least it does in my head), but in reality it can get kind of annoying. You see, it has they hook-and-eyes, and they attach to the sleeves - basically it's slowly pulling itself to pieces. Drives me insane.

 And p.s., my cords are actually a dark shade of green. I'm realizing it doesn't look that way in the photos, just wanted to advertise that I'm wearing one of my much-beloved pairs of green pants :)

Sorry for the limited visibility of my owl, he's hiding. He's a bit shy...

It's Friday! Can't believe I've already had three weeks of school. Sophomore year is so much different than freshman year - and I think I'm enjoying it! I mean, we'll see what I have to say when classes really start to heat up and I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off - except, sadly, it's more likely that I'll get bored than get stressed. I know, I know. Don't hate me. It's just that so far, I haven't really had much to do! And when I have too much free time on my hands, I get stressed. So we shall see. Maybe I'll fill it all up by obsessively blogging and annoying you all with my pointless posting? Always an option... have a lovely weekend all :)


  1. I know but I'm so thankful it's fall! Summer needs to pass soon because the hot weather is killing me!
    love the cords, definitely a fall must have piece...
    xo kait

  2. Pretty blog!
    Follow me if you want! :D

  3. The pattern of that cardigan is pretty awesome! I agree, it is like tweed, and at the same time not like tweed. Interesting!
    This whole outfit is so simple and chic! And that owl necklace? Oh my gosh, it's so perfect!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  4. Your cardigan it's really beautiful !!


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