Wednesday, September 7, 2011

rainy days

Seriously, the weather has been disgusting here the past few days. As you may or may not be able to tell in these photos, it was actually raining while we took them. It was seriously rapid-fire for about 30 seconds or so, with Nicole under my umbrella to keep my camera dry and me hoping they would be attractive so I could be finished getting soaked. Fun times.

all saints shirt
j. crew pants
hunter boots
forever 21 belt
vintage necklace
coach bag

I really enjoy this shirt. It's one of the two shirts I got at All Saints last week, and I feel like I'm wearing a sort of ironic pseudo-Hawaiian button down. Am I the only one feeling that? If you look at the close-up of the print farther down in the post you probably still won't be able to see this, but the print is actually of flamingos. I know right? I wouldn't have known either if it hadn't said so on the website. Kind of amazing.

I have to thank my dad for my new book bag. It used to be his briefcase, but I was always saying how much I loved it and how much I wanted it, and finally he gave it to me. He is just using his other old one that he got repaired. So sweet, thanks dad! Love you :)

 I was actually wearing some short black shorts earlier in the day, kind of felt like I was rocking the Daisy Duke look, but it got so cold that I needed to change. Sigh. Cold weather is really coming. I know that you're freaking out now that I just complained about cooler weather (considering how much I've complained about warm weather in these last few months) but to clarify, I don't mind the cool weather, I just hate rain. The umbrellas, the boots - they can be fun for jumping in puddles from time to time, but getting soaked on your way to class? Not as much fun.

That's about it. Would type more, but for one you probably don't want to hear any more about my slightly monotonous super-interesting life, and for two I am watching a British miniseries called "Lost in Austen" on Netflix and feel like putting off my reading and finishing it off. Such is college. Have a good night!


  1. Loving the boots and the satchel. Really appropriate for school specially when it's already chilly out there.

  2. I love the boots! I'm too excited for the rainy season so I can wear my own polka dotted pair.

  3. LOVE HUNTERS SO MUCH. I have been wearing all of mine religiously every winter and since it rains all too often in London, sometimes even in the summer.

  4. I barely see the flamongos...
    anyway, what about following each other?

    xx, Lillith

  5. Oh my god that bag. Lust, lust, lust. Followed :)

    ( Fashion Battleship )

  6. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Really loving the boots, and the weather over here is terrible as well. It has been raining non-stop for three days, so I know how you feel :)

    Love, Lisa

  7. hi allison! nice to meet you =) thanks for showing me love on my blog! i have followed you via bloglovin (Google Friend Connect has been acting up all month for me, boo hoo!) anyway, im lovvvving your boots! im trying to get a pair for myself this fall! hope to get to know you better! come follow me too! have a great weekend!


  8. I always find it kind of difficult to dress for rain. Love your outfit and how you wore it with the boots though! And yes, I tend to like to jump in puddles when I'm wearing rain boots- who can resist??


  9. luv the blouse and the boots they are great for nasty weatherrr!


  10. One word: fabulous! :)
    Loving your necklace!



  11. I love, love, love your boots! and your top is really beautiful as well :) xx

  12. That's a super fab book bag! How nice of your dad to give it to you:)

  13. Never mind the rain Alison, you look great wearing your Rubber Wellingtons, you really rock them.


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