Thursday, September 29, 2011


zara tshirt
vintage lace vest
thrifted bracelet
gap jeans
minnetonka moccasins
thrifted coach satchel

I really thought I'd gotten into a thing, doing these every other day posts... apparently not so much. And I looked so cute yesterday! I wore this adorable shirtdress my mom got me from J.Crew and my Frye boots (which would be a much-appreciated change I'm sure, since I believe all you've seen me in lately is moccasins - promise I don't wear them every day)

Found this bejeweled little piece at a thrift store in Fort Collins, Colorado (when I was helping Mckenna move back to school at the end of the summer). I think it may actually be a choker - quite the trendy piece nowadays, not sure if I'll be participating regardless... much prefer it as a wrap bracelet.

 I showed this vest earlier this summer, only as a crop top, a la Natalie - not sure if I could pull of the same look, as I am lacking the rock-hard yoga abs... She actually also wore it for her senior pictures, which I must say are absolutely gorgeous! I might just have to pick my favorites (if that's possible) and put them up in a post so that you can all marvel at them yourselves. Funny anecdote: as we were getting ready for Natalie's senior pictures - a.k.a picking out like 5 outfits from all of our closets, filling up the car with props, driving out to our uncle's horse farm, I remembered my senior pictures. Which were basically "Alison grab a few shirts from your closet, we'll go wander the yard and figure something out" - notice a difference? Oh well, photoshoots are more Natalie's thing. Which is why I'm the one with a blog?

  Can't believe that one week from tomorrow I'll be in NYC and that two weeks from tomorrow my mom will be here in D.C. with me! October is most definitely going to be a good month... Good night all!

P.S. You may notice that this post, unlike my others, is completely devoid of text formatting. Not saying I like it, but I'll try anything once. You're welcome Emily :)


  1. The text formatting was annoying me just used it wayyyyy too much hehe! BTW swear you go through more mocassins than anyone else I know! I still have my one pair that I got senior year??? haha. but I've been waiting for a new blog post ya slacker!

    The Girl in College

  2. love your moccasins!!great outfit!!=)
    kisses and have a nice day!!

  3. you look adorable!


  4. Fantastic!!!;D

  5. I love your tee-shirt, very simple and chic! :)

  6. love your moccasins! So comfortable they are! By the way thank you for visiting my blog sweetie! wanna follow each other?


  7. you are really funny! and have funky style!!

  8. Cute little waistcoat :) xx

  9. such a cute casual outfit! lovely blog!


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