Thursday, December 30, 2010

casino evening

jcrew cardigan
target dress
 hue tights
jcrew shoes
vintage bag

 So here is part 1 of various outfit photos I've been taking over the past week, it's from Monday night, a.k.a the night where I went out and spent to much money. Jenny took me to a casino. You can just tell where this story is going right? If you've been reading my blog for awhile then you may remember a post from back in August when Jenny took me to a casino for the first time and I won about $200 on penny slots. Sad to say, this was not the case this time.

 We played blackjack and I just lost all my money right off the bat! Jenny, however, was having better luck than I was, so I just sat at the table for about two hours watching her. Doesn't sound very amusing? It actually was, partly because of Jenny's nervous energy, partly because of the fun college guys that came to the table to play with us, and partly because of the dealers and casino people that liked to come over to chat with us. Apparently we (or more likely Jenny - she was quite amusing to watch play) were quite entertaining, so we had various boys come over to play with us and the guy, not sure what he's called, who watches all the tables came over to joke around with us every so often. Jenny discovered that he worked at casinos in the old days so she asked him if he ever had to take people out back and "break all of their bones" - although he wouldn't quite fess up to that, apparently people did sometimes "open doors with their faces." Moral of the story: don't cheat at casinos :)

So I've been borrowing this bag and these shoes from my mom for my past two nights on the town (if you can really call them that - I like to ^^) and I kind of have a tentative plan to stash them in my suitcase and bring them back to D.C - I love them! The bag is so cute and beaded with a vintage-y feel and the shoes, although they are suede so I can't wear them in the Minnesota winters, are so adorable and comfortable! Hopefully mom won't read this post, so she won't know of my plans :)

Ok I was planning on putting together this post with my outfits from Tuesday, but I don't think I can! There were just too many photos. Oh well. I'm going up to my cabin in middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin for the weekend to spend New Year's with family and a few friends, and it is sure to be a fun time despite the lack of cellphone reception, not to even mention no Internet. So I will just put up this post and possibly schedule the next one to come out while I'm gone, and hopefully take some pretty, snowy shots of Wisconsin! Hope you all have a fun-filled New Year's Eve!

P.S. I forgot to mention this before, but I officially have over 50 followers!! Thank you all so much for reading my blog, and although I know that in the grand scheme of things it's not that many people, it means a lot to me that people actually care to look at what I write (and wear). And all that sentimental stuff. So thanks, I appreciate it :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sunday evening

vintage necklace
topshop sweater
jcrew cardigan
jcrew skirt
hue tights
mom's boots - from where, I don't really know, and I don't feel like going down a flight of stairs to check :)

So. It's been a while since I last posted huh? Almost a week I guess. So I have plans to put up two today I think, because I just have too many outfits to put in one post. So this post is photos from Sunday evening when the family went out to dinner and to see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." More on that later

 Natalie and I did a fun little photo shoot in the entryway and while most of the shots are crazy (or crazy unattractive as it may be ^^) there are some cute ones of both of our outfits. And regardless it was a fun evening! We went out to W.A Frost, a.k.a my favorite restaurant in the whole world, and then to the Ordway to see Joseph. The show was really entertaining but on the whole it was really trippy - I think that would be the right word for it? They gave it a 60's vibe so, for example, at the finale for the first act everyone came out in 60's costumes and started singing to Joseph while the prison bars lit up for a bit of a psychedelic (love my 60's - at least I hope I'm in the right decade - vocabulary, right?) light show.

 And random enough, the guy who played Joseph was on American Idol a few seasons ago - can't remember the season but Carrie Underwood won it. We stopped watching that show a few seasons ago (who knows why...) but I know that we watched that season, yet I have no memory of him at all! Anthony Federov - does anyone else remember him? He does have an amazing voice, as evidenced by the show, but I must say that he is extraordinarily awkward! He tried to dance with the narrator in the aforementioned act 1 finale and it was slightly difficult to watch! He got better though as the show went on, and as I said, his voice is amazing

But I must say that the best thing about the show was probably what they called the "Joseph Megamix" - it was at the very end, and the sort of remixed all the songs for the finale/curtain call. It was just crazy, over-the-top (we're talking disco ball on the theater's ceiling, asking the audience members to stand up and clap, the whole shebang) and sooo amusing to watch! I would say it pretty much summed up the whole show. Quite entertaining, I enjoyed it

Natalie of course, as usual, looked adorable. I love the color combo she was wearing with all the light, pink-ish colors. The only problem is that when she sat her skirt was scandalously short - and being Natalie she didn't care so I had to keep making her cover up :)

 Her headband is actually just one of those plain black stretchy headbands with a brooch pinned onto it - very cute if I do say so myself, I couldn't even tell at first. Hope she doesn't get angry at me for divulging her secrets...

Oh Natalie the ballerina. I think the ballerina photo in the background adds an extra touch, no? How I've missed our photo shoots at college. Although you are only privileged to see about half a dozen of our photos, we probably took upwards of a 100, most of them completely ridiculous to see.

I  just had to run down the stairs to plug my computer in and now I'm sitting next to our gingerbread house in the kitchen. I just love the smell of gingerbread! And of course we still have cookies left, so there are just all together too many baked goods in my house. It's a bit of an issue. 

Well I would say that this was a suitably long post. And there are only more to come in the future (hopefully that future is today, we shall see). I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas (or other holidays), I most definitely did! It was a great day with the family, from opening presents to playing trivial pursuit to singing Christmas carols to making myself sick playing run-around-the-table ping-pong. Yes, it was good, can't wait for next year :) Have a lovely Wednesday!

Friday, December 24, 2010

the reason for the season, a.k.a why I'm such a bad blogger

Clever title, huh? It's true though, I feel like the holidays are for spending time with family and friends, and that's what I've been doing since I last posted... like three days ago. The good news is: I have pictures! So, my readers, here is a recap (with photos), of what I have been doing since, when was it, late Tuesday night/verrry early Wednesday morning?

Baking! On Wednesday (and I suppose a good part of yesterday too) we had a Christmas-baking-extravagaza! These photos specifically are from the awesome gingerbread house that we made, but we also have a few (like 6) dozen cookies of various types

It actually took us hours to make, and I'm so proud that it's standing! We had a mix for the dough then we had to roll it, cut it, bake it, and put the pieces together! They suggest that you use the house-shaped box, which was a template for the pieces as a base for the house so that you "glue" the pieces on with frosting, but that's cheating! Our house is completely free-standing and, despite a small hole in the roof that I filled with pretzel, it's perfect! We used pretzels to get a log-cabin effect, and crushed animal crackers for the roof. The rocks are gingerbread that we dipped in homemade frosting that we turned gray. Adorable, huh? It was a blast to make!

 school crescent
jcrew shirt
jcrew pants

And here are some of my lovely finds from the jcrew sale on Tuesday, as I wore them on Wednesday. After making our gingerbread house, Elizabeth and I had our own tradition to fulfill: we had to watch 17 Again! There is no way to explain our feelings for Zac Efron, but I will try: we love him, and we love to laugh at him? (Elizabeth if you read this tell me if I explained it right ^^). So, even though we didn't finish the house until around 1:30, we had to watch it. Therefore we got to bed around 3:30 and didn't wake up until noon.

And thus begins my part of the post devoted to yesterday! We baked some more, as I made the peanut butter cookies with reeses and kisses in the middle and Natalie made lemon gems (probably my new favorite cookie. so. good.). Then, although it felt like I'd hardly been up at all I got dressed and headed over to my friend Shannon's house so that we could drive over to the Guthrie Theater together!

We got dinner (how I have missed our foodie outings. Good thing we don't go to college together, we would make each other bankrupt ^^) and got in line for rush tickets to see "39 Steps." It was such a good show! Originally a spy novel in the 20's or 30's, Hitchcock turned it into a movie which was then made into the comedy parody that we watched!

And here is what I wore yesterday (minus the shoes, though they weren't uggs this time. all the same you can see the adorable socks I stole from my mom ^^):

 Everything jcrew (top and cardigan stolen from my mother; pants same as the day before); vintage necklace; socks from my mother, I don't know where they are from but they're cute :)

Ok, this is a problem. I feel like I've been wearing the same outfit for the past few days just in different colors. This pink cardigan is the same style as the green cardigan I was wearing in the last post, which is the same cardigan I have on right now as I post this in a lighter pink color. It's actually a problem. It's just what I get for stealing clothes from my mother, as practically all she owns is j.crew (and as I know she will read this, here is a disclaimer: yes mom, you do own a lot of jcrew, no I'm not judging you for it, just stating the facts. there you go ^^).

Phew, that was a long post. Sorry guys. Now here we are, it's Christmas Eve! I honestly can't believe that it's this time of year again. Well, I'm off to wrap some presents and maybe play something seasonally appropriate on the piano :) Who knows when I will post again in the next few holiday-days, so I hope you all have a Merry Christmas if that is what you celebrate, and if not a happy holiday season! Cheers :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

crazy day

Ugh I was running around all day today it seems! I didn't go to bed until late, then got woken up at 8 by my friend Mckenna who came to the house to see me and chat for an hour or so. Mom and I went to breakfast (at Patrick's - must be said with a French accent ^^ - so it was amazing) then to doctor appointment number 1. After that I got to go sing with my old choir! I missed the benefit concert on Sunday night since I was still at Georgetown (a scarring experience, let me tell you - I almost cried in the library while studying econ because my friend sent me a recording of them singing via voicemail) so my director said that if I could get my purple shirt and some black pants I could go sing at the governor's with them. And of course I wanted to!!! I didn't know all the songs and there were a few unfamiliar faces, but all in all it was so much fun.

jcrew cardigan (stolen from my mother ^^)
martin&osa tshirt
vintage necklaces
jcrew pants

You are probably going to see a lot of barefoot outfit pictures of me in the future, since the only shoes I brought were my uggs and moccasins, but considering the weather moccasins aren't really an option. I know, I know uggs are horrible to look at, but they are my winter boots when there is snow outside, I live in Minnesota, it happens. So I will just be barefoot and you can all pretend that I'm not adding uggs to all of my outfits

To continue the schedule of my crazy day - for those of you that have not been fortunate to visit St. Paul in the winter around the time of a snow storm, let me just explain to you how it works: St. Paul doesn't really like to plow, and if they do plow, it's rarely the back streets. So basically the whole city is just a grid of roads that are impossible to navigate, making it very easy to slide into one of the parked cars that often line both sides of the street. As soon as I got back from singing I had to go to my eye doctor appointment (since you have all heard about my contact issues), to which I was late because of the aforementioned snow.  At said eye appointment they gave me the eyedrops that make your eyes really sensitive to lights. Thankfully when I left the sun had gone down. The problem was that all the streetlights, headlights, and traffic lights were unbelievably bright and odd-looking to me, giving me an insane headache as I drove home in the winter traffic. And I'm not sure if you noticed something missing in my schedule, but I never ate lunch. Soooo,  basically I was a hungry melodramatic mess in the car by myself. Lots of fun :)

I miss taking pictures in varied places - as much as I love the stairwell, it can get a little old :) And I don't appreciate the fact that Georgetown doesn't feel the need to heat stairwells...

J. Crew was having the most amazing sale in stores today! It was 30% off all sale, and I got a pair of Minnie pants for about $15 - a.k.a probably the best deal of my life. Now that Natalie gave me her pair (apparently she doesn't like them - weird right?) I know own 4 pairs... it may start to become a problem... 

Wow I should probably go to bed soon. Except that I just remembered that the clock on my computer is an hour ahead so it's not that big of a deal. I can read for a bit. And it's not like I have anything to get up for right? Ahhh I love break :) Have a good night everyone!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

home again!

Sorry for the fail in posting. Since it is technically Tuesday now, I suppose I have gone two days without posting, which I am not happy about. Good news is that I have arrived safely in Minnesota, despite its best efforts to make sure my flight never landed (a.k.a half a foot of snow), and that I am sleeping, if not in my own bed, in the guest room with some very soft sheets!

First, outfit from what I wore when Emily and I went out Saturday night. I'd forgotten how much I love my sequin vest...

vintage vest
martin&osa tank
necessary objects skirt

It was slightly surreal going out Saturday night; both when we left and when we came back (and we didn't come back that late), there was literally no one walking around on campus. Just went to show that basically everyone had already gone home but us. However, just about everyone we saw was through the windows into the library. Sad but true.

I probably should have been in the library earlier myself, considering I didn't start studying Econ until about 7 last night (kind of the reason I didn't put up a post). And of course, it wasn't my most productive studying, since I was sharing a table at the library with some girls from my floor and we were chatting the whole time.

school crescent
bdg cardigan
jcrew tank
h&m jeans

Sorry I had to crop my face out of this one... it's been a long day. Got up to pack, clean, buy Christmas presents at the bookstore, study for my Econ, etc. And I was doing fine until I realized I hadn't returned my rental book. So about an hour before my final (and I left right after my final - like literally brought my suitcase with me ^^) I ran across campus to be told that I forgot the cds it came with, ran back to my dorm, realized I won't have time to make more trips before the final, so I closed up my stuff and ran back across campus with my suitcase, backpack and purse to return the cds. By the time I sat down in the Econ room I was a sweaty, flustered mess, so instead of reviewing before the exam I just sat there in silence and chilled. But I think it worked out ok, the final seemed pretty easy, I was done half an hour early. 

But regardless, I'm home now! And the snow is amazing. There is so much of it! I will put up some photos of it tomorrow (or I suppose it's now today). I can't wait to see it in the daylight.
I can't believe Christmas is in 5 days! I feel like in high school you are counting down the days until Christmas, but in college you count down the days to going home, and Christmas (as bad as this sounds) becomes more of something that happens when you are at home, you know? But now I'm home, and I'm excited! I'm excited for Christmas, excited to hang out with my family, excited to be home. It should be a good few weeks. I should go to bed now. Night!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

oh the weather outside is frightful

Ok, not really. It's fine. Still a little snow left over, still a little chilly, but don't worry Minnesotans, I'm not trying to share your pain. Not for another few days at least - Monday! We had a basketball game today, and the girl in front of us had a sign that said "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the Hoyas are so delightful" and she got on the big screen - and guess who was in the background and didn't notice basically right until they panned away? Sooo sad I missed it.

 topshop scarf
martin&osa top
h&m jeans
nordstrom boots

I've done nothing today! I know, that's normally what I say, but I actually had goals for today! I was going to work on my paper, and I suppose I will just have to do that after I finish this.

Last night was so much fun though! We went to the zoo, where they had a light exhibition with bunches of animals made of Christmas lights - it was adorable, and a fun way to explore the zoo at night :) Then we came back to school and watched Mean Girls in the common room. A very good way to spend a night if I do say so myself....
Paper time. Then I get to go out and have fun! I hope you all do the same, and for everyone lucky enough to already home, hope you are enjoying your break!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

have yourself a merry little christmas

So close to break, yet so far... A lot of my friends are heading home (or are already home), and the dorms here at Georgetown are slowly emptying out as the lucky souls whose finals happened to all be scheduled in the first 2 days of finals catch their flights out. I only have a few more days left, just need to power through - and not get sick. Though that may be difficult, I can just feel myself on the edge, you know? We shall see...

vs tank top
jcrew cardigan
h&m jeans
 aldo boots
juicy couture earrings

I'm slightly ashamed of my outfit yesterday, so I decided to make up for it today by dressing like a normal human being - sadly I only got to wear my boots for about half of the morning! It started snowing and kept on for a good part of the afternoon, leaving a sizeable (for D.C that is) amount behind and making my non-waterproof boots just an all-around bad idea. So I changed into my rain boots, a much more weather-friendly choice :)

2 finals down, one more (and a paper) to go! I had my french exposé today, and despite it being on the most random article ever, I think it went well! Now I'm done with languages for a month or so (and believe me I'm glad - I keep mixing up french and russian in my head ^^) and have quite a bit of free time before my econ test on Monday afternoon. Tomorrow will be the gym, and I plan to for sure start my paper! It's not due until next Tuesday, but I feel if I absolutely nothing to do tomorrow, why not start? I just hate starting papers! Don't you? Once you've begun, they are quite easy. But those first few sentences are always torture to pull out.

Also on the docket, one more basketball game before the break, some Christmas shopping, and surely lots of movies and reading as I am left more and more alone in the dorm. Oh well, some nice down time :) Right now, I think I'm going to start that reading. Have a lovely evening

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my day in photos

Sorry for the lack of outfit photos, but I don't look good (or very presentable at all for that matter) today. If you don't believe me, just look at the first photo

me not wanting to wear pants + it's cold outside = two pairs of leggings.... I'm sorry world

 Studying Russian... my written final was this afternoon and I will be leaving for the oral in oh, about 15 minutes :)

 Coffee. Or rather, apple cider. So good, makes me feel slightly better about studying. Last night it was strawberry italian soda. Yummm

My new moccasins! My old ones got drowned in a puddle on Sunday, and after all of my complaining (and probably sincere worrying about what was on my feet) my mom sent me a new pair. Breaking in moccasins is not fun. Sigh. Makes me miss my old pair...

Ok the "n" key (it was even hard to type the n to say it wasn't working) is having issues and I keep having to press it like 50 times for it to work. Ugh. Makes me want to stop typing. 

I think I'm going to watch a movie tonight after my final. Good way to chill out after my first college exam, right? Not that it's been exactly stressful... Whatever, not like I have much else to do... but start my paper... that's what Friday's for! Wish me luck on my Russian oral, that's where I'm heading now, have a lovely night!

Monday, December 13, 2010

lazy day

It's unfortunate but true: I was really lazy today. I mean, I know that I am normally quite bad at getting anything done, but today was pretty bad. Aside from going to my Russian review session, I didn't do any studying until around 5:00 this afternoon, and at that point I only managed an hour or so of studying.... So I should be studying now, right? No, I'm putting up a blog post and uploading photos to facebook then going to midnight breakfast to eat waffles and chicken at our dining hall. Yeah, this is my life.

 vintage necklace
target sweater
 jcrew pants
 nordstrom boots

I am pretty proud of myself, however, for putting together a pretty cute outfit for finals week! Mostly I just wanted to be comfortable and warm, and to wear my new sweater. I'm really fan of a color, because it's just that - a color (something I don't wear much of I feel), but not too intense

Things I did do today though include:
1) Watched last Wednesday's episode of "the sing-off" in order to be ready for tonight - Such a good show! Best part - Nick Lachey as the host. He is succchhh an awkward host! Really fun show, I would suggest it if you haven't watched it yet
2) Ate a lot of cookies - I mean a lot. I took two from the dining hall, then my mom sent me a box for finals week, so of course I had to eat a few of those. I mean, I need to get rid of all two dozen before I leave :)

This was my face when they reminded me it was midnight breakfast tonight. No joke. This is a candid shot. Regardless, it starts in a few minutes and apparently there is already a line. Sooo, I need to go now. Have a lovely night!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

study days... not

Ok. Sooo, I haven't posted for a bit. I was out and about, living life outside my dorm - last night, I slept over with my friend Colleen at Catholic! It was a party: we made dinner, we watched Christmas movies, and best of all we built a gingerbread train! A gingerbread what, you say? No, not a gingerbread house, not gingerbread men, but a gingerbread TRAIN. Yes, it was amazing. And here is proof:

 Colleen is going to loooove me for this photo

Sadly, I have to admit that it looks nothing like the picture on the box. However, it was quite fun to build! We had our issues, our power struggles, and problems with the frosting (it was "pre-made", a.k.a really sketchy turns-to-cement-in-a-second frosting. and it tasted weird). 
And our Christmas movie roster:
1) Elf - "Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?" Yes.
2) Olive the Other Reindeer. Got to be honest, never heard of it, still don't really know what it's about since I wasn't really paying attention... sorry Colleen...
3) Love Actually - Best. Movie. Ever.

And so this obscenely long post has something fashion-y in it, photos of what I was wearing  yesterday! (Today was a basketball game, not worth documenting my outfit)

I didn't feel like re-putting it on for self timer photos, so I just laid it out on the ground
h&m shirt
bdg tank
jcrew pants
h&m flats

It was a comfy, chic little casual outfit for an errands outing (if I do say so myself), and I really like the color combo with the army green and the floral-esque pattern in the tank. And as I said before, my minnies are my life. 

Lastly, (I promise), my clothing purchases from Target!

The sweater is a lot more green and a lot less blue in person, really a gorgeous color and quite comfortable. I need more sweaters, but I figured I shouldn't buy much since Christmas is coming up ;)

And the dress I just fell in love with, it has kind of a vintage feel with the design along the neck, the waistline and the little bit of tulle on the bottom. I love it, think it should be a good party dress for the coming Christmas season. I just love Target clothing. They always do such a good job, and the designer collaborations are so much fun! Speaking of, I came sooo close to buying one of the Mulberry for Target bags, they are so adorable, but I thankfully stopped myself from spending any more money. I'm a college student, I need to save :)
Tomorrow is the last day of reading days, so I am actually going to study. Library anyone? I haven't been there all weekend. But I will. I will be productive! I hope... but for now, bedtime. Have a good night :)