Thursday, December 9, 2010

i am a christmas tree

vintage necklace
topshop tshirt
old navy cardigan
jcrew skirt
hue tights
h&m flats

As I was looking at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help but notice that my skirt kind of resembles a christmas tree! It's not a bad thing, I still love it, but can't you kind of see it? The awkward photo above is of me trying to have a star above my head :)

Sooo, its still averaging between 25 and 30 degrees around here, but I just couldn't wear pants anymore! It really wasn't an option. So I decided, what the heck, I'm putting on some tights and wearing a skirt! And I think it worked out just fine. I wasn't even that cold. So yay.

I can't believe I finished my first semester of college! I mean, I still have finals, but I finished my classes!! If you had asked me the first week of russian class if I was going to survive, I really don't know what I would have answered... but now it's all done and I have a week before I have to take my first final, in other words waayyy to much free time! Oh well, I will just find a good book, watch a few movies :)

We had our floor Secret Santa tonight! It was cute, we all had chinese food and exchanged gifts, except the person I had to get a gift for (a.k.a Nicole. Ironic right?) wasn't there and didn't know I had her, so she gave me her present and her roommate's present to give out. I got a little bottle of perfume from victoria's secret - very yummy - and I got Nicole a scarf (and future lessons from me as a Minnesotan on how to tie it), and she would have been surprised it was from me had another girl from our floor not told her thinking she already knew! Oh well, it happens. 

Now I don't really know what I'm doing tonight...clearly I'm not starting my studying yet, obviously. Maybe I will watch some tv, hopefully I will find something more interesting to do. Watching tv in my room is getting kind of boring. But sadly, when others have work to do and you don't, it becomes kind of necessary. We shall see. Have a good night all!


  1. hehe happy chrstms tree! :D
    Love you beautiful smileee! :)

    follower, modafobik.

  2. Great skirt! You're a cute christmas tree! Love that necklace! Following you lovely!

  3. I adore that skirt! Its so pretty and versatile!

    I think you are looking great and festive!

  4. i like the outfit, especially the texture of the skirt

  5. Great skirt! So girly and flirty.


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