Wednesday, December 29, 2010

sunday evening

vintage necklace
topshop sweater
jcrew cardigan
jcrew skirt
hue tights
mom's boots - from where, I don't really know, and I don't feel like going down a flight of stairs to check :)

So. It's been a while since I last posted huh? Almost a week I guess. So I have plans to put up two today I think, because I just have too many outfits to put in one post. So this post is photos from Sunday evening when the family went out to dinner and to see "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." More on that later

 Natalie and I did a fun little photo shoot in the entryway and while most of the shots are crazy (or crazy unattractive as it may be ^^) there are some cute ones of both of our outfits. And regardless it was a fun evening! We went out to W.A Frost, a.k.a my favorite restaurant in the whole world, and then to the Ordway to see Joseph. The show was really entertaining but on the whole it was really trippy - I think that would be the right word for it? They gave it a 60's vibe so, for example, at the finale for the first act everyone came out in 60's costumes and started singing to Joseph while the prison bars lit up for a bit of a psychedelic (love my 60's - at least I hope I'm in the right decade - vocabulary, right?) light show.

 And random enough, the guy who played Joseph was on American Idol a few seasons ago - can't remember the season but Carrie Underwood won it. We stopped watching that show a few seasons ago (who knows why...) but I know that we watched that season, yet I have no memory of him at all! Anthony Federov - does anyone else remember him? He does have an amazing voice, as evidenced by the show, but I must say that he is extraordinarily awkward! He tried to dance with the narrator in the aforementioned act 1 finale and it was slightly difficult to watch! He got better though as the show went on, and as I said, his voice is amazing

But I must say that the best thing about the show was probably what they called the "Joseph Megamix" - it was at the very end, and the sort of remixed all the songs for the finale/curtain call. It was just crazy, over-the-top (we're talking disco ball on the theater's ceiling, asking the audience members to stand up and clap, the whole shebang) and sooo amusing to watch! I would say it pretty much summed up the whole show. Quite entertaining, I enjoyed it

Natalie of course, as usual, looked adorable. I love the color combo she was wearing with all the light, pink-ish colors. The only problem is that when she sat her skirt was scandalously short - and being Natalie she didn't care so I had to keep making her cover up :)

 Her headband is actually just one of those plain black stretchy headbands with a brooch pinned onto it - very cute if I do say so myself, I couldn't even tell at first. Hope she doesn't get angry at me for divulging her secrets...

Oh Natalie the ballerina. I think the ballerina photo in the background adds an extra touch, no? How I've missed our photo shoots at college. Although you are only privileged to see about half a dozen of our photos, we probably took upwards of a 100, most of them completely ridiculous to see.

I  just had to run down the stairs to plug my computer in and now I'm sitting next to our gingerbread house in the kitchen. I just love the smell of gingerbread! And of course we still have cookies left, so there are just all together too many baked goods in my house. It's a bit of an issue. 

Well I would say that this was a suitably long post. And there are only more to come in the future (hopefully that future is today, we shall see). I hope that you all had a lovely Christmas (or other holidays), I most definitely did! It was a great day with the family, from opening presents to playing trivial pursuit to singing Christmas carols to making myself sick playing run-around-the-table ping-pong. Yes, it was good, can't wait for next year :) Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. cute cute! you and natalie look amazing, I love that Joseph musical!


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