Monday, December 6, 2010

OOTD: sweater-layering

I might just die from the cold. Yes, friends and family still in MN (and/or Wisconsin), I know that it is colder there than it is here. But the wind! And the lack of heat in my dorm room! It's all just a bit too much for me, and I am just constantly cold. I borrowed my roommate's snuggie this morning, and I asked my parents for one for christmas. Yes, yes I did ask for a snuggie. That is how bad it is. 

nordstrom cardigan (can't remember the brand off the top of my head, and my drawers are just soooo far away...)
target sweater
gap jeans

I even have this adorable outfit picked out in my head that involves a skirt and tights, but I feel this really isn't a feasible option until later in this week, when it's supposed to get back to the mid-40s. Sigh. Such a hard life. And walking to work tomorrow? Not going to be fun. Maybe this is what they were talking about when they said I should figure out the bus schedule...

My next-door neighbor Mary Clare just put Christmas lights in her room and they are sooo cute! I brought some back with me but haven't had the drive to put them up and now I feel like I should - it's not like I have anything to do tonight. I am almost completely done with my homework and it's not even 8 at night. A girl on my floor invited me to go to the gym tonight, and I don't really want to - I kind of already had plans to make popcorn and watch a movie in my room... of course now during the whole movie I will be thinking about how I'm not in the gym working out. So if my christmas lights go up at least I will feel like I'm doing something. And I have plans to go to the gym on Friday and will try to go more during finals week when I don't have much to do. It will happen, I promise!

I think this is going to be a chill week. I should enjoy it while I can though - I just got my schedule for next semester, and it is not going to be fun. Not at all. I got put in an 8:15 am recitation on Friday morning. There goes my Thirsty Thursday partying (because I did that so much right? ^^). But seriously. How am I expected to be in class that early? And how am I supposed to go to three classes most every day? How did I survive high school?!

Whatever, don't stress yourself out for things that aren't even here yet, right? I am going to enjoy my chill evenings while I can. What movie should I watch? Those are the questions I am going to concern myself with. Have a good night :)

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  1. you have great style.
    love how simple the overall style got spiced up using the sequined cardigan. nice!


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