Saturday, December 18, 2010

oh the weather outside is frightful

Ok, not really. It's fine. Still a little snow left over, still a little chilly, but don't worry Minnesotans, I'm not trying to share your pain. Not for another few days at least - Monday! We had a basketball game today, and the girl in front of us had a sign that said "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the Hoyas are so delightful" and she got on the big screen - and guess who was in the background and didn't notice basically right until they panned away? Sooo sad I missed it.

 topshop scarf
martin&osa top
h&m jeans
nordstrom boots

I've done nothing today! I know, that's normally what I say, but I actually had goals for today! I was going to work on my paper, and I suppose I will just have to do that after I finish this.

Last night was so much fun though! We went to the zoo, where they had a light exhibition with bunches of animals made of Christmas lights - it was adorable, and a fun way to explore the zoo at night :) Then we came back to school and watched Mean Girls in the common room. A very good way to spend a night if I do say so myself....
Paper time. Then I get to go out and have fun! I hope you all do the same, and for everyone lucky enough to already home, hope you are enjoying your break!

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