Monday, December 13, 2010

lazy day

It's unfortunate but true: I was really lazy today. I mean, I know that I am normally quite bad at getting anything done, but today was pretty bad. Aside from going to my Russian review session, I didn't do any studying until around 5:00 this afternoon, and at that point I only managed an hour or so of studying.... So I should be studying now, right? No, I'm putting up a blog post and uploading photos to facebook then going to midnight breakfast to eat waffles and chicken at our dining hall. Yeah, this is my life.

 vintage necklace
target sweater
 jcrew pants
 nordstrom boots

I am pretty proud of myself, however, for putting together a pretty cute outfit for finals week! Mostly I just wanted to be comfortable and warm, and to wear my new sweater. I'm really fan of a color, because it's just that - a color (something I don't wear much of I feel), but not too intense

Things I did do today though include:
1) Watched last Wednesday's episode of "the sing-off" in order to be ready for tonight - Such a good show! Best part - Nick Lachey as the host. He is succchhh an awkward host! Really fun show, I would suggest it if you haven't watched it yet
2) Ate a lot of cookies - I mean a lot. I took two from the dining hall, then my mom sent me a box for finals week, so of course I had to eat a few of those. I mean, I need to get rid of all two dozen before I leave :)

This was my face when they reminded me it was midnight breakfast tonight. No joke. This is a candid shot. Regardless, it starts in a few minutes and apparently there is already a line. Sooo, I need to go now. Have a lovely night!


  1. i love your blog! im mildly obsessed with georgetown (ok maybe more than mildly..), so i was so excited to see that your blog was like a behind-the-scenes look at the school
    thanks for your lovely comment too!
    p.s. those are hot boots!

  2. Midnight breakfast? That's a brilliant idea! Hmmn... perhaps I should have one Friday night!


    Come say Bonjour at:


  3. Definitely way stylish for being lazy !



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