Wednesday, December 22, 2010

crazy day

Ugh I was running around all day today it seems! I didn't go to bed until late, then got woken up at 8 by my friend Mckenna who came to the house to see me and chat for an hour or so. Mom and I went to breakfast (at Patrick's - must be said with a French accent ^^ - so it was amazing) then to doctor appointment number 1. After that I got to go sing with my old choir! I missed the benefit concert on Sunday night since I was still at Georgetown (a scarring experience, let me tell you - I almost cried in the library while studying econ because my friend sent me a recording of them singing via voicemail) so my director said that if I could get my purple shirt and some black pants I could go sing at the governor's with them. And of course I wanted to!!! I didn't know all the songs and there were a few unfamiliar faces, but all in all it was so much fun.

jcrew cardigan (stolen from my mother ^^)
martin&osa tshirt
vintage necklaces
jcrew pants

You are probably going to see a lot of barefoot outfit pictures of me in the future, since the only shoes I brought were my uggs and moccasins, but considering the weather moccasins aren't really an option. I know, I know uggs are horrible to look at, but they are my winter boots when there is snow outside, I live in Minnesota, it happens. So I will just be barefoot and you can all pretend that I'm not adding uggs to all of my outfits

To continue the schedule of my crazy day - for those of you that have not been fortunate to visit St. Paul in the winter around the time of a snow storm, let me just explain to you how it works: St. Paul doesn't really like to plow, and if they do plow, it's rarely the back streets. So basically the whole city is just a grid of roads that are impossible to navigate, making it very easy to slide into one of the parked cars that often line both sides of the street. As soon as I got back from singing I had to go to my eye doctor appointment (since you have all heard about my contact issues), to which I was late because of the aforementioned snow.  At said eye appointment they gave me the eyedrops that make your eyes really sensitive to lights. Thankfully when I left the sun had gone down. The problem was that all the streetlights, headlights, and traffic lights were unbelievably bright and odd-looking to me, giving me an insane headache as I drove home in the winter traffic. And I'm not sure if you noticed something missing in my schedule, but I never ate lunch. Soooo,  basically I was a hungry melodramatic mess in the car by myself. Lots of fun :)

I miss taking pictures in varied places - as much as I love the stairwell, it can get a little old :) And I don't appreciate the fact that Georgetown doesn't feel the need to heat stairwells...

J. Crew was having the most amazing sale in stores today! It was 30% off all sale, and I got a pair of Minnie pants for about $15 - a.k.a probably the best deal of my life. Now that Natalie gave me her pair (apparently she doesn't like them - weird right?) I know own 4 pairs... it may start to become a problem... 

Wow I should probably go to bed soon. Except that I just remembered that the clock on my computer is an hour ahead so it's not that big of a deal. I can read for a bit. And it's not like I have anything to get up for right? Ahhh I love break :) Have a good night everyone!

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  1. We love J.Crew, they have the cutest cardigans and head pieces!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥


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