Sunday, December 5, 2010

refugee room

I'm making a sign for my room that says that - it's amusing, but the thing is it's so true! On Friday I had a mini impromptu-sleepover in my room because a) one had been sexiled b) another friend had suggested we have a sleepover because she's really peppy and social like that ^^, and c) Nicole decided to stay and join, then proceeded to get locked out, so she really had to be stay anyways. And today for few minutes my friend Mary Clare came and stayed with me before her roommate got back since she had lost her key. And this isn't the first weekend this sorts of things happen - I feel like having the handicapped room and therefore lots of floor space combined with my large and comfy rug gives me a sort of duty to help people without a room. It's lots of fun, and quite good at distracting me from doing work :)

bycorpus cardigan
old navy tshirt
jcrew pants

A good comfy-Sunday outfit I think. It's been a loooonnng weekend, and not necessarily in a fun way. First of all, I had choir practice from 6 until midnight on Friday night. 6. Hours. Yeah. Then we had the basketball game the next afternoon, which was fun (we beat Utah State, go hoyas!) then my choir concert, which in all total preparation, actual concert time, and clean-up was about 5 hours. 

To talk more about the concert, it actually went better than I expected! I was really nervous, since I have no funk and was therefore sure I was going to make a complete fool of myself. But according to my friends who came (and I love them for it, it was almost 3 hours long!), I wasn't that awkward after all! I'm glad. It was good, and after I was really looking forward to a break - then I'm told we are still helping out with the service today. Really? If I had more homework, I would say I couldn't home, but I really don't have enough to justify not going, so I suppose that's happening now too. Ugh. 

And it's laundry day. Ugh. I popped my head in there this morning and saw that all 4 washers were open and I was soooo excited! I ran back to my room to sort my laundry and brought the first load in to find that a guy from my floor was in there in the process of putting his clothes in 3 out of the 4 dryers. Really? That definitely put a setback in my laundry timetable. Gotta love shared laundry facilities

I've actually been pretty productive today! I've done laundry (as said above - and you can see the picture, it was approximately one month in the making, 3 drying racks-full ^^), done some homework, ate two real meals, and post-church I will do some more homework and maybe watch some hulu! Although what I really want to do is make some popcorn and watch a movie... we shall see. Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


  1. I love sleepovers! There's nothing better than spending time with great friends! xo


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