Friday, December 24, 2010

the reason for the season, a.k.a why I'm such a bad blogger

Clever title, huh? It's true though, I feel like the holidays are for spending time with family and friends, and that's what I've been doing since I last posted... like three days ago. The good news is: I have pictures! So, my readers, here is a recap (with photos), of what I have been doing since, when was it, late Tuesday night/verrry early Wednesday morning?

Baking! On Wednesday (and I suppose a good part of yesterday too) we had a Christmas-baking-extravagaza! These photos specifically are from the awesome gingerbread house that we made, but we also have a few (like 6) dozen cookies of various types

It actually took us hours to make, and I'm so proud that it's standing! We had a mix for the dough then we had to roll it, cut it, bake it, and put the pieces together! They suggest that you use the house-shaped box, which was a template for the pieces as a base for the house so that you "glue" the pieces on with frosting, but that's cheating! Our house is completely free-standing and, despite a small hole in the roof that I filled with pretzel, it's perfect! We used pretzels to get a log-cabin effect, and crushed animal crackers for the roof. The rocks are gingerbread that we dipped in homemade frosting that we turned gray. Adorable, huh? It was a blast to make!

 school crescent
jcrew shirt
jcrew pants

And here are some of my lovely finds from the jcrew sale on Tuesday, as I wore them on Wednesday. After making our gingerbread house, Elizabeth and I had our own tradition to fulfill: we had to watch 17 Again! There is no way to explain our feelings for Zac Efron, but I will try: we love him, and we love to laugh at him? (Elizabeth if you read this tell me if I explained it right ^^). So, even though we didn't finish the house until around 1:30, we had to watch it. Therefore we got to bed around 3:30 and didn't wake up until noon.

And thus begins my part of the post devoted to yesterday! We baked some more, as I made the peanut butter cookies with reeses and kisses in the middle and Natalie made lemon gems (probably my new favorite cookie. so. good.). Then, although it felt like I'd hardly been up at all I got dressed and headed over to my friend Shannon's house so that we could drive over to the Guthrie Theater together!

We got dinner (how I have missed our foodie outings. Good thing we don't go to college together, we would make each other bankrupt ^^) and got in line for rush tickets to see "39 Steps." It was such a good show! Originally a spy novel in the 20's or 30's, Hitchcock turned it into a movie which was then made into the comedy parody that we watched!

And here is what I wore yesterday (minus the shoes, though they weren't uggs this time. all the same you can see the adorable socks I stole from my mom ^^):

 Everything jcrew (top and cardigan stolen from my mother; pants same as the day before); vintage necklace; socks from my mother, I don't know where they are from but they're cute :)

Ok, this is a problem. I feel like I've been wearing the same outfit for the past few days just in different colors. This pink cardigan is the same style as the green cardigan I was wearing in the last post, which is the same cardigan I have on right now as I post this in a lighter pink color. It's actually a problem. It's just what I get for stealing clothes from my mother, as practically all she owns is j.crew (and as I know she will read this, here is a disclaimer: yes mom, you do own a lot of jcrew, no I'm not judging you for it, just stating the facts. there you go ^^).

Phew, that was a long post. Sorry guys. Now here we are, it's Christmas Eve! I honestly can't believe that it's this time of year again. Well, I'm off to wrap some presents and maybe play something seasonally appropriate on the piano :) Who knows when I will post again in the next few holiday-days, so I hope you all have a Merry Christmas if that is what you celebrate, and if not a happy holiday season! Cheers :)


  1. Wow I am mighty impressed with the gingerbread house! And love your necklaces! Have a lovely christmas xx

  2. You are wearing my favorite J Crew piece of your moms!!! You are breaking my heart!

  3. I am really blown away by your baking accomplishments. It looks like so much fun and the pebbles were so creative! You own SOOOO much J. Crew. Wish I did!

    Have a great Christmas, Alison!

  4. You guys have so much fun! The house looks fantastic and congrats, 'cause you don't cheat :D

    I also feel like I wear the same combination all the time, hah.

    Peace and love!


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