Tuesday, December 21, 2010

home again!

Sorry for the fail in posting. Since it is technically Tuesday now, I suppose I have gone two days without posting, which I am not happy about. Good news is that I have arrived safely in Minnesota, despite its best efforts to make sure my flight never landed (a.k.a half a foot of snow), and that I am sleeping, if not in my own bed, in the guest room with some very soft sheets!

First, outfit from what I wore when Emily and I went out Saturday night. I'd forgotten how much I love my sequin vest...

vintage vest
martin&osa tank
necessary objects skirt

It was slightly surreal going out Saturday night; both when we left and when we came back (and we didn't come back that late), there was literally no one walking around on campus. Just went to show that basically everyone had already gone home but us. However, just about everyone we saw was through the windows into the library. Sad but true.

I probably should have been in the library earlier myself, considering I didn't start studying Econ until about 7 last night (kind of the reason I didn't put up a post). And of course, it wasn't my most productive studying, since I was sharing a table at the library with some girls from my floor and we were chatting the whole time.

school crescent
bdg cardigan
jcrew tank
h&m jeans

Sorry I had to crop my face out of this one... it's been a long day. Got up to pack, clean, buy Christmas presents at the bookstore, study for my Econ, etc. And I was doing fine until I realized I hadn't returned my rental book. So about an hour before my final (and I left right after my final - like literally brought my suitcase with me ^^) I ran across campus to be told that I forgot the cds it came with, ran back to my dorm, realized I won't have time to make more trips before the final, so I closed up my stuff and ran back across campus with my suitcase, backpack and purse to return the cds. By the time I sat down in the Econ room I was a sweaty, flustered mess, so instead of reviewing before the exam I just sat there in silence and chilled. But I think it worked out ok, the final seemed pretty easy, I was done half an hour early. 

But regardless, I'm home now! And the snow is amazing. There is so much of it! I will put up some photos of it tomorrow (or I suppose it's now today). I can't wait to see it in the daylight.
I can't believe Christmas is in 5 days! I feel like in high school you are counting down the days until Christmas, but in college you count down the days to going home, and Christmas (as bad as this sounds) becomes more of something that happens when you are at home, you know? But now I'm home, and I'm excited! I'm excited for Christmas, excited to hang out with my family, excited to be home. It should be a good few weeks. I should go to bed now. Night!

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  1. I love your vest.. tres chic!



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