Thursday, December 16, 2010

have yourself a merry little christmas

So close to break, yet so far... A lot of my friends are heading home (or are already home), and the dorms here at Georgetown are slowly emptying out as the lucky souls whose finals happened to all be scheduled in the first 2 days of finals catch their flights out. I only have a few more days left, just need to power through - and not get sick. Though that may be difficult, I can just feel myself on the edge, you know? We shall see...

vs tank top
jcrew cardigan
h&m jeans
 aldo boots
juicy couture earrings

I'm slightly ashamed of my outfit yesterday, so I decided to make up for it today by dressing like a normal human being - sadly I only got to wear my boots for about half of the morning! It started snowing and kept on for a good part of the afternoon, leaving a sizeable (for D.C that is) amount behind and making my non-waterproof boots just an all-around bad idea. So I changed into my rain boots, a much more weather-friendly choice :)

2 finals down, one more (and a paper) to go! I had my french exposé today, and despite it being on the most random article ever, I think it went well! Now I'm done with languages for a month or so (and believe me I'm glad - I keep mixing up french and russian in my head ^^) and have quite a bit of free time before my econ test on Monday afternoon. Tomorrow will be the gym, and I plan to for sure start my paper! It's not due until next Tuesday, but I feel if I absolutely nothing to do tomorrow, why not start? I just hate starting papers! Don't you? Once you've begun, they are quite easy. But those first few sentences are always torture to pull out.

Also on the docket, one more basketball game before the break, some Christmas shopping, and surely lots of movies and reading as I am left more and more alone in the dorm. Oh well, some nice down time :) Right now, I think I'm going to start that reading. Have a lovely evening


  1. such a cute cardigan! good luck with finals :)


  2. adorable earrings! good luck with all your finals doll!!

  3. So sadd your almost alone there! I hope you did well on your final.


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