Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new jewelery!

I feel so blessed to have two grandmothers who care so much about me. Yesterday I got a package from my grandma on my dad's side, who had sent me some flannel sheets "to keep me warm." I really dislike the sheets we ordered from Georgetown, so I was so excited! And today I got a package from my grandma on my mom's side with handmade cards (she heard that I didn't have any good stationary to write thank you notes and such on) and some gorgeous vintage jewelry of hers! So I decided to take some photos of them for today's post

I just love them all and it was such a surprise opening my box to find little boxes and bags filled with gorgeous vintage jewelry! Chains have always been favorites of mine (I love to layer a bunch), so the ones she sent me will definitely be used. And I have always thought pins like the ones she sent are really cool but didn't know how to wear them - and, of course, didn't own any. But now that I have some I will just have to figure it out!

Today wasn't the best outfit day for me, however. I had a really cute outfit picked out in my head (we shall see, it may work for tomorrow), but then I woke up and was freeeezing. And I was like, nope, today is a day for fuzzy socks and sweatshirts. So I put on my Georgetown sweatshirt, my minnie pants from jcrew (a.k.a my favorite pants ever), and my fuzzy socks in my rainboots. So, not really an outfit post. 

Good news is I didn't have to work today! I haven't worked in a while, so it's good that I made more than I spent a few weeks ago, so I'm doing just fine, but I suppose I would like to work soon. However, that means I have a ton of free time! I'm currently sitting in my pajamas (I know. It's only 10) and I plan to just watch hulu for the rest of the night. And Colleen came over earlier this evening and we went out to dinner then came back to watch Glee (something I'm getting used to being able to do on Tuesdays. I'm going to be sad when I have to actually work then again...)

Ok, time to hulu! Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday (mine was surprising good. Definitely exceeded my low expectations ^^), have a good night!

Monday, November 29, 2010

OOTD: Mixing Neutrals

My return to the above title format for the day is for my friend Shannon - "Alison, why did you stop doing your 'obsession of the day'?" To be honest I didn't know what she meant at first, then I realized she meant outfit of the day - it can go either way really. So, since I had an idea of how I would describe the outfit, I thought why not. Enjoy Shannon!

Ahhhh I miss everyone already. Although I'm really happy to be back (being away made me realize that I do in fact have a life here, one I would miss if I couldn't come back. It was a happy realization ^^), I do miss everyone, and I can't wait to be back for the real break in 3 weeks!

forlove21 necklace
gap tank
h&m cardigan
jcrew pants
minnetonka moccasins

I'm quite tired today. My flight was at 6 am, and a stressful day at the airport it was! We decided to get me to the airport at 5, thinking that an hour would be plenty that early (also, my parents thought my flight was at 6:15, so I should have had plenty of time). En theorie, it should have been fine. Mais en principe (enjoying my french? Madame Belanger has been drilling into our heads the merits of this comparison ^^), I had a long check-in line and an even longer security line, resulting in me running to my gate at 5:50 praying they would let me on. Thankfully I could still see people checking in and getting on, but I was most definitely the last on the plane. And my throat hurt from the exertion of running halfway across the airport. And I didn't get to pick up the world's greatest muffin from French Meadow Bakery to eat on the plane (their apple cinnamon muffin, by the way. I love it, my family thinks its mediocre, don't know why...)

First photo a close up of my jewelery, but since I already did that when I wore that last week, what I really wanted to show is the two colors I am wearing on top. I don't know why, but I really like the combination of heather gray and oatmeal with the cardigan and tank top. I just think it's nice :)

And below are my new skirts from jcrew! The first I showed you when I wore it for Thanksgiving, the second was supposed to be for my sister but she didn't like it that much so I got to have it! My mom is a pro at finding adorable things from jcrew on amazing sale, its quite a talent - one I hopefully inherited :)

So I have this big research paper due tomorrow, and I finally finished it! My only hope is that my professor corrects it himself and doesn't give it to the professor who has been helping me to grade. I've been doing well with his grading, and something tells me she isn't as easy. Fingers crossed! Now I'm headed off to the library to chill with people and do some more homework for tomorrow. Tuesday. Ugh, I dislike them so. Better get a good night's sleep to be ready! Good night :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

christmas season has come again

Apparently me + home + trying to post = fail. Sorry everyone. Here are some photos from my escapades from the last few days, it's been a blast!

Had a party with my friends on Friday night and I missed everyone so much! There are no words - my friend Shannon and I basically spent the whole night cuddling on the couch haha. People don't cuddle enough in college! I need to fix that :)

Picking out a Christmas tree Saturday afternoon. We always pile in the car and drive to Wisconsin to pick out a tree from this huge Christmas tree farm. Natalie found the tree this year, although I maintain that I found the perfect tree - sadly it apparently wasn't for sale, there was no tag on it. My suggestion that we take a tag from a comparabley-sized tree and put it on my tree was shot down - "do you want to get us kicked off the christmas tree farm?" No, dad, no I don't. I just want my perfect tree.

The Holidazzle parade - only Minnesotans would have an outdoor parade, in the middle of the winter. It was freezing! But my old choir was on the choir float, and Natalie is still in the choir so we went to go support them. I remember singing on the choir float! I did it a few times throughout my middle and high school years, its really a blast. Best memory - my first time, in 7th grade, I was standing next to a girl a grade above me who I didn't really like, when we pulled to a stop. Apparently the pirate ship float, directly behind us, wasn't really paying attention and they didn't stop quickly enough, giving the girl next to me a little bump with the mast of the ship! She jumped and I just laughed and laughed inside my head. Slightly bitter? Perhaps. Amusing? Most definitely.

Decorating the Christmas tree earlier this evening! I always can't wait for when we can break out the Christmas cds and song books for the piano and turn our living room into Christmas central. I must say, Natalie did a good job picking out the tree, although it was a bit tall at first and scratched the ceiling before we cut off a few inches. I think the last one is almost Christmas card material, don't you? Just a bit dark, but I think me and my camera's self-timer did a pretty good job.

So, I'm getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to head to the airport and back to Georgetown. I'm going to be really tired. Just hope that I don't get sick again. That would totally be my luck wouldn't it? Oh well, going to bed now, hoping for at least 5 hours of sleep. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

Sorry I haven't posted the last few days, I've been taking a bit of a holiday-travel hiatus. Speaking of holidays, happy thanksgiving! I'm very thankful for all I have, notably to be home with my family! I got home yesterday afternoon, and spent an amazing day eating way too much food with a big group of out-of-town family that I don't normally get to see - quite a crazy, fun time

mom's necklace
urban renewal shirt
jcrew skirt
target tights
ugg boots (sorry! It was cold and snowy and they were the only boots I brought with me. And take comfort knowing I was barefoot most of the day ^^)

Natalie and I tried to be fun and artsy and take pictures in the tree, and it would've worked if it wasn't so freaking cold! We were out there for a total of one minute I would guess, and then we ran inside because we (or as she would probably say, I) couldn't take it any more. Then I looked over our handy-work and realized it probably wouldn't work. But oh well, I wanted to post my outfit (sans uggs) and here it is. Mom surpised Natalie and I with new skirts this morning and I wanted to wear mine right away

Kind of an odd picture of Natalie, but I love the lighting, with just the Christmas lights illuminating the photo

So I had a long day (sort of) traveling yesterday. I got up at 7:30 and got a taxi at 8:00, since my mom said there would be crazy lines and I should get there really early - keep in mind my flight is at 11:50. Of course, there were no lines, because that is how airports work. You get there early and there is no line, you get there late and there are lines snaking throughout the whole terminal and you are running to your gate. But I have to thank my mother, since I was supposed to be on a 6 pm flight last night and she moved me to an earlier one so that I could be sure to get home and miss all the snow.

Snow! I love the weather here - as the plane got below the clouds and I could see the ground was white, I actually started giggling. And as we were driving it all seemed so odd! Like besides the drastic change of seasons it felt like I had hardly been gone at all. I can remember everything, it all looks the same, but in a way, I feel different. Odd. Very deep tonight, aren't I?

Ah well, bedtime for me. I need to work on my paper! I have a research paper due next Tuesday, still haven't started writing it. Maybe I will get up in the morning... except you know I won't. Oh well. Hope you all had a lovely turkey day and ate as much as I did!

Monday, November 22, 2010

happy birthday to...

Nicole! It was her birthday today, so naturally we had to go out to dinner to celebrate. And naturally I had to get dressed up. In heels. I fell on the cobblestone. It hurt a bit. Mostly just awkward though. Such is life. 

 necessary objects dress
free bird necklace
vintage belt
unknown clutch
target shoes

In reality, Nicole's birthday celebration started much earlier than this. She was doing homework in my room, and we were all working quietly until I got a text around 11:30 from Jackie asking how we could get a baked good and candle to New South (our dorm) by midnight. We both started texting people, and I asked this boy on the 4th floor who always has cupcakes, but sadly he had none. But then he called and met me outside the room to say he was running to Vittles, the student grocery store, to get something and that he would be back in 20 minutes - and he was! Nicole was completely surprised, and we had a little dessert feast of oreos, ben and jerry's, and chocolate covered pretzels on the floor of my room. It was kind of amazing

Then of course Nicole and I went to go get cupcakes this morning, and I was soooo tired! I went to Russian and almost fell asleep, but I managed to make it through that and lunch and then came back for a long nap and some tea. Pretty calming afternoon, then we were off to Bangkok Bistro! It was really good, and I was glad we could do something for Nicole's birthday. I'm not sure how I would feel having my birthday away from home, but as she said, it's kind of a home here too. 

Speaking of going home, my travels are getting seriously messed up. I was supposed to leave at 6pm on Wednesday evening, which was late but ok. But now apparently the weather is supposed to be horrible that night and since I have a layover in Milwaukee there would be a serious chance I would get stuck overnight. So now I am getting up at 4am and taking a taxi to the airport in hopes of getting on the 6am flight and getting home. It will be adventure, and I tiring one at that I'm sure.

I have a Russian quiz tomorrow. Ugh. Soooo, I shall get started on that, have a lovely evening!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

black and white

I'm sure that somewhere there is a song with this title, but today it is actually just a descriptor of my outfit. It was black and white day for the gospel choir at church this evening, so I quickly threw this on after spending my afternoon in the library (attempting) to do work. 

old navy cardigan
hanes tshirt
forlove21 necklace
target skirt
hue tights
h&m flats

I actually didn't do too badly on my work today - got my seminar reading done, did half of my econ for tuesday, got a bunch of books for my research paper. It's the research paper that is really going to be the bane of my existence for the next week I think. It's 9 pages, I haven't started yet, but I have a topic, and by Tuesday afternoon I will have an outline so that I can show it to my professor and get feedback. And the one positive of being basically by myself from Tuesday afternoon on (most everyone is going home before Wednesday) is that I will hopefully be able to make myself just sit down and do it.

Yay for peacoats. I got this one last winter from Saks Off Fifth, and I love it every time I put it on. It just makes me feel so preppy and pulled together :)

Last night I stayed out too late as usual, but this time I made myself set an alarm and consequently managed to start my day before noon. Back to school tomorrow, but I can't wait because each day is one less day until I'm back to Minnesota! I really can't describe how excited I am, it's been soooo long. 

Sorry for not writing much of anything in this post - you are all probably thinking "thank you, she always writes sooo much, we really don't care" :) - but I need to get back to my paper. I WILL have a thesis tonight before I go to bed. It is a goal. Get a good night's sleep, rest up for the week!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i and love and you

Once again, not very descriptive of my day (or yesterday rather, as this post pertains to Friday), but a good song nonetheless. Sorry for not posting for two days straight (eek!) but I actually took pictures yesterday and just didn't get a chance to post them. Hopefully I will take photos of today's outfit and post those too, so I can do two today and make up for the loss. We shall see

target sweater
vintage necklace
uniqlo skirt
hue tights
h&m flats

So on Thursday night we went to the Harry Potter midnight showing! It was sooo much fun, albeit ridiculous (I can't even explain, it just really was. Not really a fan of AMC theaters anymore though), the movie was great. That being said we got back to Georgetown around 3 am and had a bit of a debacle because Nicole had lost her little Vera Bradley pouch-thing that basically contained her life (i.e. gocard, debit card, license, room key) and the security guard wouldn't let her in without id. Thankfully she had her passport in her room - and her door doesn't properly lock - so I was able to run up and get that. We couldn't find it even though we ransacked my room, so we ended up just going to bed. Funny story about how we found it: one of my roommate's friends was in the room and we were talking about it and she said it was in her room - she thought it was my roommate's and figured she would just come get it later. We all couldn't stop laughing, because after all our searching it was just. right. there.

Since we got to bed so late, I was planning on skipping my 9:15 am recitation. Sadly, they were handing out our midterms then, so I had to go. Here was what I did: got up at 9, put on sweatpants and a northface over my pajamas, walked to the recitation, picked up my midterm, said I felt sick and had to leave, walked back to the dorm, got back in bed and slept until Russian at 11:15. Am I proud of what I did? No. Am I glad I did it? Most definitely.

The rest of the day went by, and Nicole and I decided to go to the women's basketball game, which was super fun! After that was the whole finding-her-pouch debacle, and then the 4th floor was having another little get-together in honor of Allie and I taking the proficiency exam, so we watched a movie and just hung out. After that we wandered new south, hung out in the common room, and I didn't go to bed until 3. I would consider that a pretty successful night, no? And I didn't get up until 11:30, then proceeded to go to the dining hall for breakfast at noon. It was lovely.

Now what? I think I will do some homework (sigh) before choir practice, and we are going out to dinner so hopefully I can get some pictures of that! Have a lovely Saturday afternoon everyone!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

you and i

So this song title doesn't really describe my day... I just really love Ingrid Michaelson! She's definitely my favorite right now - very chill, very good for my afternoons doing homework (slash reading magazines and avoiding my homework... ^^) But really, this song is adorable! Favorite line: "Let's get rich and buy everybody nice sweaters and teach them how to dance" - basically just really cute :)

gap sweater
jcrew tshirt
jcrew pants
h&m flats

I don't really know what to say about this outfit. I just wasn't feeling particularly inspired this morning. It was a very sluggish morning - I got up and made myself shower before going to breakfast, but right after getting back, I just got back into bed and took a nap until Russian. Probably should have studied for my french exam instead, but there is only so much studying you can do, and I got that done in the afternoon. On the subject of my proficiency test - I really don't know. On some points, it was easier than expected, on some points it was difficult. Regardless of whether I pass or not (at this point, I don't expect to pass and, surprisingly, I'm ok with that), I'm glad I at least took it and saw what it is like for practice for next semester. I'm trying to be more optimistic (I'm normally more of a glass-is-half-empty kind of girl), think I'm doing a pretty good job :)

On the not so happy side of my day today, babysitting was bad. Reallllly bad. She was freaking out and unhappy the whole time through dinner, and since her dad was there she would not listen to me at all, she just screamed until he came and picked her up. In the end I just volunteered to walk myself home, it seemed like it would be the easiest option for everyone. It was awkward. Hopefully they don't think their child hates me. I don't think she does...

But tomorrow is the midnight opening of Harry Potter! Don't judge, we just plan on gearing up by watching either "A Very Potter Musical" or the 6th movie. And dressing up in our convocation robes. No big deal. I'm actually quite excited. Except for the fact that I have to get up for my 9 am recitation on Friday morning to pick up my midterm. Until my teacher said he was passing it back then, I was fully planning on skipping it. It's actually quite an unfortunate turn of events. Oh well. You can sleep when you're dead, right? 

Excitingly, I have basically no homework tonight, so I plan to put on some music, make myself some mint tea, and read a magazine or two. Sounds like a good idea, no? Enjoy your evening everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Title of a great song by The Cab (off their cd Whisper War - the whole thing is amazing), also describes my Econ class today! I think I actually fell asleep. Kept closing my eyes for a few seconds so I could refocus, then I did the awkward head-bobbing thing, altogether not a fun hour and a half of my life. But good news... I didn't have to babysit tonight! It was actually suuuuch a lifesaver, I was walking out of econ and starting my trek to work when I checked my phone and saw I had a missed call and voicemail! It was the family I babysit for, telling me they didn't need me. Yay! So I got to have dinner at Leo's, and.... Watch Glee!! I had missed that, working every Tuesday, but this week I got to go up to the 4th floor like I used to and bond with other New South residents over our love of that ridiculous show :)
VS tank top
jcrew sweater
jcrew skirt
gray tights?
hunter boots

Today was a... it was a Tuesday. Never really a fan, since I have to get up earlier than usual, go straight to my 2hour seminar, and then go straight after that to Russian. Ugh. But today my seminar was slightly more interesting since it was about Australian literature! Now I'm not taking an English class this semester, nor will I ever have to, since I tested out of all my English requirements, and who knows when I will ever have a free elective space. That kind of saddens me, since I loved the deep discussions we always had in high school, and I'm sure they would be very interesting in college as well. But some things aren't meant to be, sadly

My afternoon was kind of nice though, since I had a break after doing a bit of homework to watch some tv (90210 to be exact ^^) and skype my friend Jenny! You would remember her from some of my posts from a few weeks ago, she is a friend from high school who goes to USC now (and she also has a blog! Click on "The Haute Road" in my blog list on the right) - after that shameless plug :) .... I'm really sad since she isn't coming home until Christmas break, but it's only a month or so until we get to see each other again! And we will have sooo much fun then - shopping, dinners out, going to the casino, just like old times. Can't wait to see her, or to see all of my other friends! I can't believe that I will be on a plane back to MN a week from tomorrow. It's been soooo long, and I can't wait to see my family, hang out with my friends, and just be in my home state. Sad it will be such a short break, but as I said, not too long until Christmas comes around!

So plans for this evening - going to the library to study for my french exam tomorrow. I'm sooo stressed! It's my proficiency exam, so if I pass it then it will go on my diploma that I am proficient in French and I won't have to take any more French classes! Not that I don't like French class, it's actually one of my favorites, but taking two languages is kind of cutting in on my requirements... Regardless, I really hope to pass it, don't really expect to, but I can always take one more French class and try again next semester. Wish me luck!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger this past weekend, hopefully this week will be an improvement, and maybe when I get home Natalie and I can do a shoot in the snow! I just thought of that right now, that would be so cute! Excuse my tangent... have a good night!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

are we there yet

A song title (Ingrid Michaelson, love her, look her up ^^) but also describes my feelings right now towards thanksgiving break! I go home a week from Wednesday and can't wait! We get totally gipped on break time and only get from Wednesday (after class are done. seriously. I have to skip my last class on Wednesday so that I can get home before thanksgiving day) until Sunday. Unfortunate.

Sorry for not posting for so long! My last few nights (when I generally post) have been crazy. I have my outfit from today and from Thursday, I didn't get a chance to take photos of what I was wearing yesterday (though I feel like I should put it back on and take photos, it was super cute, definitely one of my favorites of recent outfits)

old navy shirt
vintage belt
bdg pants
sophia watch
steve madden flats

So I was just going through my email account (I am always checking my georgetown account, so I never check my comcast one. things pile up) and was reading the WWW post about their November <3's and my pants were on it! I was so proud of myself, I absolutely love their tastes and their posts, very proud that I picked the same thing they did without knowing :)

Thursday night I of course went to get brownies and quesadillas then, inspired by Darren Criss's recent appearance on Glee (looove him! ^^) I introduced Nicole to A Very Potter Musical. Then, my sister called and needed help with an essay, so I kind of missed a bunch of it, but it was ok, I was glad to help her and to her it in the background :)

Friday was a lovely day, after class I just sat in my room and read a magazine for awhile, then we went to go get dinner at Epicurean, a restaurant on campus that takes our flex dollars (dining plan dollars we need to spend by the end of the semester), and got happy hour sushi! Or rather, Mary Clare and I did, and we made Nicole try it. She wasn't a fan, and apparently now Carly has plans to introduce her to some more beginner-friendly sushis, like California rolls. I guess salmon nigiri is a bit much at first, and she was kind of freaked out by my fish eggs....

Then my roommate was performing in a dance company show, so a bunch of us from the floor when to go support her - it was amazing! They mixed African, contemporary, and hip hop, as well as some spoken word. It was so cool to see what she has been working on so hard this semester, and that all the work paid off! After that we went up to the 4th floor of the dorm for a movie night, and I managed to be in bed before 2. Seriously I need to take photos of that outfit, it was cute - I was told on multiple occasions that it was very French, which I take as a compliment :)

simply vera cardigan
ecote dress
vintage coach bag
minnetonka moccasins

Zoom so you can get the pattern of the dress, I quite like it, it's kind of tribal... it's an amazing day today! I was walking around with Colleen and her boyfriend (who is out here for the weekend) and I didn't even need my cardigan! I can't believe it's November - apparently MN is expecting some serious snow some time this week, which I find endlessly amusing...

Of course Richard (said boyfriend) wanted a cupcake, so we made a little trip out to Georgetown cupcake where I got free cupcake #2 of the weekend (there were some at last night's movie night) - it's a bit of an issue, as you all know. But I feel sooo bad, I was taking them to the bus stop (and buses don't run very often out of gtown on the weekend), and I realized that on the weekend they run from a different stop! We ran to the other side of campus, but of course we missed it, and they ended up taking a cab. So if you are reading this Colleen (and I'm sure you are, you always say you stalk me online ^^), here is my public apology to you - and anyways, the free cupcakes I got you were about worth a cab fare. Love you!

So there has been a lot of story in this post and not a lot of photos, it's beginning to be a habit, for which I apologize. But now I must go back to doing homework, my Sunday is looking busier than usual and I may not be able to do it all last-minute like normal... hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, get out and enjoy it!