Monday, November 29, 2010

OOTD: Mixing Neutrals

My return to the above title format for the day is for my friend Shannon - "Alison, why did you stop doing your 'obsession of the day'?" To be honest I didn't know what she meant at first, then I realized she meant outfit of the day - it can go either way really. So, since I had an idea of how I would describe the outfit, I thought why not. Enjoy Shannon!

Ahhhh I miss everyone already. Although I'm really happy to be back (being away made me realize that I do in fact have a life here, one I would miss if I couldn't come back. It was a happy realization ^^), I do miss everyone, and I can't wait to be back for the real break in 3 weeks!

forlove21 necklace
gap tank
h&m cardigan
jcrew pants
minnetonka moccasins

I'm quite tired today. My flight was at 6 am, and a stressful day at the airport it was! We decided to get me to the airport at 5, thinking that an hour would be plenty that early (also, my parents thought my flight was at 6:15, so I should have had plenty of time). En theorie, it should have been fine. Mais en principe (enjoying my french? Madame Belanger has been drilling into our heads the merits of this comparison ^^), I had a long check-in line and an even longer security line, resulting in me running to my gate at 5:50 praying they would let me on. Thankfully I could still see people checking in and getting on, but I was most definitely the last on the plane. And my throat hurt from the exertion of running halfway across the airport. And I didn't get to pick up the world's greatest muffin from French Meadow Bakery to eat on the plane (their apple cinnamon muffin, by the way. I love it, my family thinks its mediocre, don't know why...)

First photo a close up of my jewelery, but since I already did that when I wore that last week, what I really wanted to show is the two colors I am wearing on top. I don't know why, but I really like the combination of heather gray and oatmeal with the cardigan and tank top. I just think it's nice :)

And below are my new skirts from jcrew! The first I showed you when I wore it for Thanksgiving, the second was supposed to be for my sister but she didn't like it that much so I got to have it! My mom is a pro at finding adorable things from jcrew on amazing sale, its quite a talent - one I hopefully inherited :)

So I have this big research paper due tomorrow, and I finally finished it! My only hope is that my professor corrects it himself and doesn't give it to the professor who has been helping me to grade. I've been doing well with his grading, and something tells me she isn't as easy. Fingers crossed! Now I'm headed off to the library to chill with people and do some more homework for tomorrow. Tuesday. Ugh, I dislike them so. Better get a good night's sleep to be ready! Good night :)

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