Monday, November 22, 2010

happy birthday to...

Nicole! It was her birthday today, so naturally we had to go out to dinner to celebrate. And naturally I had to get dressed up. In heels. I fell on the cobblestone. It hurt a bit. Mostly just awkward though. Such is life. 

 necessary objects dress
free bird necklace
vintage belt
unknown clutch
target shoes

In reality, Nicole's birthday celebration started much earlier than this. She was doing homework in my room, and we were all working quietly until I got a text around 11:30 from Jackie asking how we could get a baked good and candle to New South (our dorm) by midnight. We both started texting people, and I asked this boy on the 4th floor who always has cupcakes, but sadly he had none. But then he called and met me outside the room to say he was running to Vittles, the student grocery store, to get something and that he would be back in 20 minutes - and he was! Nicole was completely surprised, and we had a little dessert feast of oreos, ben and jerry's, and chocolate covered pretzels on the floor of my room. It was kind of amazing

Then of course Nicole and I went to go get cupcakes this morning, and I was soooo tired! I went to Russian and almost fell asleep, but I managed to make it through that and lunch and then came back for a long nap and some tea. Pretty calming afternoon, then we were off to Bangkok Bistro! It was really good, and I was glad we could do something for Nicole's birthday. I'm not sure how I would feel having my birthday away from home, but as she said, it's kind of a home here too. 

Speaking of going home, my travels are getting seriously messed up. I was supposed to leave at 6pm on Wednesday evening, which was late but ok. But now apparently the weather is supposed to be horrible that night and since I have a layover in Milwaukee there would be a serious chance I would get stuck overnight. So now I am getting up at 4am and taking a taxi to the airport in hopes of getting on the 6am flight and getting home. It will be adventure, and I tiring one at that I'm sure.

I have a Russian quiz tomorrow. Ugh. Soooo, I shall get started on that, have a lovely evening!


  1. The dress is pretty! I'd love to learn Russian some day.. sounds daunting but so interesting! xx

  2. Such a pretty dress! I love one shouldered anythings!

  3. aw cute blog :) sorry to hear you fell - i love birthday celebrations - i had mine this past weekend and my friends were crazy. thats what pals are for :)


  4. pretty dress!!
    follow me on twitter: @FASHION_ICE

  5. I gave you a blog award lady! <3 check itttt



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