Saturday, November 13, 2010

are we there yet

A song title (Ingrid Michaelson, love her, look her up ^^) but also describes my feelings right now towards thanksgiving break! I go home a week from Wednesday and can't wait! We get totally gipped on break time and only get from Wednesday (after class are done. seriously. I have to skip my last class on Wednesday so that I can get home before thanksgiving day) until Sunday. Unfortunate.

Sorry for not posting for so long! My last few nights (when I generally post) have been crazy. I have my outfit from today and from Thursday, I didn't get a chance to take photos of what I was wearing yesterday (though I feel like I should put it back on and take photos, it was super cute, definitely one of my favorites of recent outfits)

old navy shirt
vintage belt
bdg pants
sophia watch
steve madden flats

So I was just going through my email account (I am always checking my georgetown account, so I never check my comcast one. things pile up) and was reading the WWW post about their November <3's and my pants were on it! I was so proud of myself, I absolutely love their tastes and their posts, very proud that I picked the same thing they did without knowing :)

Thursday night I of course went to get brownies and quesadillas then, inspired by Darren Criss's recent appearance on Glee (looove him! ^^) I introduced Nicole to A Very Potter Musical. Then, my sister called and needed help with an essay, so I kind of missed a bunch of it, but it was ok, I was glad to help her and to her it in the background :)

Friday was a lovely day, after class I just sat in my room and read a magazine for awhile, then we went to go get dinner at Epicurean, a restaurant on campus that takes our flex dollars (dining plan dollars we need to spend by the end of the semester), and got happy hour sushi! Or rather, Mary Clare and I did, and we made Nicole try it. She wasn't a fan, and apparently now Carly has plans to introduce her to some more beginner-friendly sushis, like California rolls. I guess salmon nigiri is a bit much at first, and she was kind of freaked out by my fish eggs....

Then my roommate was performing in a dance company show, so a bunch of us from the floor when to go support her - it was amazing! They mixed African, contemporary, and hip hop, as well as some spoken word. It was so cool to see what she has been working on so hard this semester, and that all the work paid off! After that we went up to the 4th floor of the dorm for a movie night, and I managed to be in bed before 2. Seriously I need to take photos of that outfit, it was cute - I was told on multiple occasions that it was very French, which I take as a compliment :)

simply vera cardigan
ecote dress
vintage coach bag
minnetonka moccasins

Zoom so you can get the pattern of the dress, I quite like it, it's kind of tribal... it's an amazing day today! I was walking around with Colleen and her boyfriend (who is out here for the weekend) and I didn't even need my cardigan! I can't believe it's November - apparently MN is expecting some serious snow some time this week, which I find endlessly amusing...

Of course Richard (said boyfriend) wanted a cupcake, so we made a little trip out to Georgetown cupcake where I got free cupcake #2 of the weekend (there were some at last night's movie night) - it's a bit of an issue, as you all know. But I feel sooo bad, I was taking them to the bus stop (and buses don't run very often out of gtown on the weekend), and I realized that on the weekend they run from a different stop! We ran to the other side of campus, but of course we missed it, and they ended up taking a cab. So if you are reading this Colleen (and I'm sure you are, you always say you stalk me online ^^), here is my public apology to you - and anyways, the free cupcakes I got you were about worth a cab fare. Love you!

So there has been a lot of story in this post and not a lot of photos, it's beginning to be a habit, for which I apologize. But now I must go back to doing homework, my Sunday is looking busier than usual and I may not be able to do it all last-minute like normal... hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, get out and enjoy it!


  1. loveee that song!
    and love todays outfit! cute choice :D

    <3 :)

  2. I love have a gorgeous watch:)

    Hang in there hunnie...your school break will be here soon:)

    Stop by and say Hello ♥
    I’m an MTV Style Blogger of the Week!!!

  3. wow, I'm in love with: your blog, your watch, your dress, your button-up, and your moccassins. ex.cell.ent.


  4. Funny how you did exactly the same thing with me and the bus stop.

    The Haute Road

  5. I love Ingrid!!~ :D and I also love your cardigan, it looks ever so cozy!~

  6. you look so nice in these pics dear! kisses


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