Sunday, November 28, 2010

christmas season has come again

Apparently me + home + trying to post = fail. Sorry everyone. Here are some photos from my escapades from the last few days, it's been a blast!

Had a party with my friends on Friday night and I missed everyone so much! There are no words - my friend Shannon and I basically spent the whole night cuddling on the couch haha. People don't cuddle enough in college! I need to fix that :)

Picking out a Christmas tree Saturday afternoon. We always pile in the car and drive to Wisconsin to pick out a tree from this huge Christmas tree farm. Natalie found the tree this year, although I maintain that I found the perfect tree - sadly it apparently wasn't for sale, there was no tag on it. My suggestion that we take a tag from a comparabley-sized tree and put it on my tree was shot down - "do you want to get us kicked off the christmas tree farm?" No, dad, no I don't. I just want my perfect tree.

The Holidazzle parade - only Minnesotans would have an outdoor parade, in the middle of the winter. It was freezing! But my old choir was on the choir float, and Natalie is still in the choir so we went to go support them. I remember singing on the choir float! I did it a few times throughout my middle and high school years, its really a blast. Best memory - my first time, in 7th grade, I was standing next to a girl a grade above me who I didn't really like, when we pulled to a stop. Apparently the pirate ship float, directly behind us, wasn't really paying attention and they didn't stop quickly enough, giving the girl next to me a little bump with the mast of the ship! She jumped and I just laughed and laughed inside my head. Slightly bitter? Perhaps. Amusing? Most definitely.

Decorating the Christmas tree earlier this evening! I always can't wait for when we can break out the Christmas cds and song books for the piano and turn our living room into Christmas central. I must say, Natalie did a good job picking out the tree, although it was a bit tall at first and scratched the ceiling before we cut off a few inches. I think the last one is almost Christmas card material, don't you? Just a bit dark, but I think me and my camera's self-timer did a pretty good job.

So, I'm getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning to head to the airport and back to Georgetown. I'm going to be really tired. Just hope that I don't get sick again. That would totally be my luck wouldn't it? Oh well, going to bed now, hoping for at least 5 hours of sleep. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend!

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  1. Pretty photos, the parade looks kinda magical ;)


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