Saturday, November 6, 2010

And it Continues

So guess what? I'm back in Maryland. My dad was here yesterday and today, and I'm soooo glad that I got to see him! Unfortunately, my sickness got worse. How is that possible you ask? Well, my pink eye didn't clear up like the doctors said it would, and I developed a nasty sinus infection that is not only extremely painful, but it causes spontaneous nosebleeds. Fun, right? Well thank goodness that my dad was here, because after a slightly painful night trying to sleep, this morning he took me to a virginia minute clinic to get some antibiotics. It was quite a trek and really stressful (especially the spontaneous bleeding thing), and I would definitely have gone insane without him - to be honest even with him I kind of did, especially when we were just walking down the street and I started bleeding all over  my white north face :(

Contrary to that sad story, last night we had lots of fun! After class I came over to his hotel, and we went to the spy museum (kind of cheesy but pretty awesome ^^), got a cupcake (clearly you can't be in this city with me and not do that), got sushi, and went to see a movie! Between sushi and the movie, because we had some time to kill and it was freezing outside, we did a little shopping around chinatown. And since my daddy loves me and I am a particularly pathetic person while sick, he bought me a few new pieces of clothing! Since I don't have a camera/don't feel like photographing myself in my current state, I have the photos from the urban outfitters website :

byCORPUS popcorm sweater in green/black
Basically it's this huge, dark green, immensely comfortable piece of clothing. I am kind of in love. I didn't own a single open cardigan a month ago, and now it's been the style of the last two cardigans I've bought. They are just so easy and comfortable!

BDG tweed pant
Sooo cute! I love the length (I have a strange fixation with cropped things - good thing I'm tall), and the color is just adorable. They kind of remind me of the new styles of jcrew's minnie pant, but thankfully they were a bit cheaper :)

So, I have no outfit to share with you, and as I plan to lie around in sweats tomorrow as I slowly (repeat: slowly. ugh) heal, I won't tomorrow either. Maybe I will try to come up with some other little thing to share with you, as I miss posting! Hopefully I will be back in real clothing soon :)

P.S Funny story (at least it is in hindsight) - this morning while trying to quickly eat breakfast before dad had to get on his plane, we ordered room service and were just eating in the room when I started bleeding from the nose again. I went into the bathroom, and was just sitting on the floor with my head back trying to slow the bleeding. My dad decided that I still needed to eat, so he took my plate into the bathroom and started feeding me little bites of omelette, trying to maneuver the fork around the tissues and sometimes spilling egg on me. It was such a pathetic scene, I kind of wish I had a picture. When I told my mom this, she says it would have been a great photo for the blog :)


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  2. I hope youre eye will be better soon!

  3. Hi Alison! I send you a big smile ^^ Have a fantastic day.

    kisses from Italy


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