Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

Sorry I haven't posted the last few days, I've been taking a bit of a holiday-travel hiatus. Speaking of holidays, happy thanksgiving! I'm very thankful for all I have, notably to be home with my family! I got home yesterday afternoon, and spent an amazing day eating way too much food with a big group of out-of-town family that I don't normally get to see - quite a crazy, fun time

mom's necklace
urban renewal shirt
jcrew skirt
target tights
ugg boots (sorry! It was cold and snowy and they were the only boots I brought with me. And take comfort knowing I was barefoot most of the day ^^)

Natalie and I tried to be fun and artsy and take pictures in the tree, and it would've worked if it wasn't so freaking cold! We were out there for a total of one minute I would guess, and then we ran inside because we (or as she would probably say, I) couldn't take it any more. Then I looked over our handy-work and realized it probably wouldn't work. But oh well, I wanted to post my outfit (sans uggs) and here it is. Mom surpised Natalie and I with new skirts this morning and I wanted to wear mine right away

Kind of an odd picture of Natalie, but I love the lighting, with just the Christmas lights illuminating the photo

So I had a long day (sort of) traveling yesterday. I got up at 7:30 and got a taxi at 8:00, since my mom said there would be crazy lines and I should get there really early - keep in mind my flight is at 11:50. Of course, there were no lines, because that is how airports work. You get there early and there is no line, you get there late and there are lines snaking throughout the whole terminal and you are running to your gate. But I have to thank my mother, since I was supposed to be on a 6 pm flight last night and she moved me to an earlier one so that I could be sure to get home and miss all the snow.

Snow! I love the weather here - as the plane got below the clouds and I could see the ground was white, I actually started giggling. And as we were driving it all seemed so odd! Like besides the drastic change of seasons it felt like I had hardly been gone at all. I can remember everything, it all looks the same, but in a way, I feel different. Odd. Very deep tonight, aren't I?

Ah well, bedtime for me. I need to work on my paper! I have a research paper due next Tuesday, still haven't started writing it. Maybe I will get up in the morning... except you know I won't. Oh well. Hope you all had a lovely turkey day and ate as much as I did!

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