Monday, November 1, 2010

OOTD: New Tank

My mother is so sweet and sent me a little unexpected gift in my package last week! It was a tank top from jcrew, and I love it! It's something different than what I own, but in navy blue (basically my favorite clothing color), so it fit right in with the rest of my wardrobe. Thanks mom!

vintage shirt
jcrew tank top
martin&osa jeans
target boots

I apologize once again for my lack of posting - I know bloggers are always doing this, or saying that they shouldn't, but I really am not a fan of skipping posts. Sometimes it just happens, and it really throws me off! I check my blog, and am like "Wait, I've already seen this post for a day! There should be something new!" But alas, Sundays happen, and inevitably they are not stylish...

This is kind of an odd photo, but I kind of like it at the same time... oh well, its up!

So to continue my thoughts on Sunday, here is what I did: got up and ate breakfast, did an obscene amount of laundry - like I actually contemplated putting up a picture, it encompassed three drying racks - did some homework, went to gospel choir, then went to go watch "The Exorcist" which was largely filmed in and around Georgetown's campus and is thus a tradition for Halloween. Worst. Decision. Ever. I was so freaked out that I did homework in Nicole's room for awhile, took a shower, then was still so freaked out to be in my room by myself (my roommate had a few exams today, so she was at the library this whole time), and decided to sleep over in Nicole's room. Sooo, we had a little sleepover! Except that since I a) didn't get to sleep until around 2 a.m b) was sleeping on the floor and c) had to get up at 7am to put up posters, I woke up sick. Again.

Ok, I'm over my feeling against putting up headless photos - I'm putting up others, you can all still see who I am, it's just that some photos showcase my outfit well and my face, well, not so well! And sorry for the plethora of photos, I just haven't done an outfit post in so long that I think I'm just going on photo overload :)

To continue my sad, sad story, I am once again officially sick. My throat hurts soooo badly, and I after my 5 hours of sleep on Nicole's floor (which is really hard by the way. Next sleepover is happening on my rug), I went back to sleep after postering and before breakfast, AND took an hour long nap after lunch. I've been drinking tea like crazy, and I'm hoping it will stop hurting so badly by tomorrow, since I have to babysit and will probably end up reading lots of books out loud again. 

On the bright side, I learned today that my french class is canceled Wednesday and Friday! That means I'm basically done at around 1 or a little before both days. So. Exciting. I've never had a class canceled, and I've been insanely jealous of everyone else! And since my dad is coming into town for work (and to hang out with me ^^) on Friday, that means I will have extra time with him hopefully, which is amazing.

Ok, off to finish my homework and possibly - actually most probably -  have a movie night. I do appreciate my lack of homework :) Have a lovely evening!

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment!
    I really like your shirt!!


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