Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sorry for my lack of regular posting (yet again), life has been crazy (yet again. in fact, does it ever stop?) Here are some photos from last - and I know this post is technically on Sunday since its almost 2am, but by last I mean Friday - night, when Nicole and I went out in costume

Aren't we cute? Guess who we are....

Did you guess? (I sound like Dora the Explorer)

I'm Alice in Wonderland (as I've already told), and she's Meg from Hercules! We didn't quite know what to do for a costume for Nicole, but we were looking through my closet and this look just popped out! The best ideas are the unexpected ones :)

Since this is a sort of an outfit post (or at least the closest I've gotten to one this weekend), here are some detail shots of my costume

And my clutch. Not really Alice-related, but you always need something to put your keys and phone in while out, and I thought this was the most appropriate for the occasion! And don't you think the dress is just the best color? It was one of Nicole's old homecoming dresses, and even though it's strapless, it's the closest to the real color - most everyone could tell who I was! (or they were too drunk to tell, but that's not my fault. But they all got a kick out of the fact that my name is Alison, which sounds like "Alice in". good times ^^). We hung out with a bunch of people from our floor before getting separated, then didn't know where else to go - and it was freezing. so. cold. - that we just went back to the dorm room, put on sweatpants, walked around in fuzzy socks, made hot chocolate, watched tv, and ate cookie dough. Yes, this is my life. Yes, I love it. 

And tonight I was babysitting. It meant that I didn't get to go out, but I don't mind. This I get paid for :) And anyways, there was some rap concert going on that I didn't want to go to, and that basically everyone else was at. And where I babysit, they feed me. Like legitimately home-cooked, good food. It's amazing. 

Oh, and also we went to the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear" on the National Mall today! It was lots of fun, and I will put up some photos tomorrow, along with an outfit if I'm not too much of a slob. We shall see, it is a definite possibility, considering I've done no homework whatsoever this weeked, as per usual.

Well, according to my clock its already Halloween, so have a fun day!


  1. i knew who you were straight away! fab outfit :) x

  2. Great outfit :) Sounds like you really are busy!

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  4. Soo cute! Love you guys :) And I def wore that purple dress to Central Michael Richard.

    The Haute Road

  5. Love it! My mom went to that rally! Awesome. I loved the tight black tee thing (anderson cooper) haha! Great costume:)



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