Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OOTD: Back to the Real World...

Sort of. I mean, I am wearing real pants, and a cardigan. And rain boots! It was raining on and off, and I used that as an excuse to wear my rain boots aaaallll day :)

I still look a bit messy though. That's why I cropped out my face, even though I said I wouldn't do that. But I'm wearing my glasses and all together my face wasn't cooperating :)  Soooo, last night I looked at my eyes in the mirror and they were really bloodshot! I took out my contacts but they kept hurting all last night and into today, so I decided to give them a break for a day - otherwise I looked like I a) had just cried my eyes out b) had just woken up... not a bad option.... or c) was a druggie. And with the recent events of Saturday, we can't have that, can we? Not at all.

nordstrom cardigan
jcrew tshirt
old navy pants
norstrom bracelet
hunter boots

A few detail shots. In the one above, you can see my birthmark! It's so odd, just a little blob on the top of my left hand. When I was little my dad told me it was a spiderbite - apparently I did get bit pretty badly by a spider when I was little, but that wasn't the cause of this mark. And when I was in middle school, my friend used to draw little faces on it every day. Don't  you miss those days? Sometimes I do....

Good news: I've decided on a costume! And with no time to spare, trick-or-treating is Friday afternoon... after a little brainstorming session in the library earlier this evening, Nicole and I have each selected an option for Friday and are going shopping tomorrow! I am going to be.... drum roll... Alice in Wonderland! It seems like a pretty easy costume to pull off, I have a blue top and skirt which, when combined with a white apron and black-bow headband I'm going to find are going to be adorable and, most importantly, recognizable as a costume! I have to make a disclaimer that I feel kind of bad here, as my sister basically is Alice in Wonderland. She has the perfect hair for it, not to mention this adorable vintage blue dress that she wore to be Alice in a choir pageant. But since we are in different cities, I figure we can share for a day :) Nicole is probably going to be Cindy Loo Who, which I think is the cutest thing ever! Now if we can just get all of the missing pieces it should work out quite well.  Phew. Just in time.

As I am still sick, I am still planning on sticking to my bed-before-midnight routine. Thankfully, this semester I seem to have little to no work at all times :) Have a good night!

p.s I promise to do a  post with real photos somewhere else than my room with a self-timer soon! To all people whose first view of my blog is my last few posts, look into the archives! Things get more interesting than this :) My life has just been a little crazy (and sickly) for the past week. But I'm working on it....


  1. the best color of hunters:)


  2. I love your rainboots! I'm going to buy some VERY soon...I've been putting it off for years!

    Hope you feel better soon! And be sure to post your Halloween pics of you as Alice!

  3. Rainboots! So cute! I love them. I wish I still had my rainboots, but the white parts of them (they were polka dotty) turned a yellowish shade.. haha, very nasty. BUT I hope to see your costume soon. Dressing up is oh-so-fun!~

  4. Love this!!!)))
    Very nice post, super blog)))
    Lovely photos ha ha ha)))


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