Sunday, October 24, 2010

OOTD: Sightseeing

Jenny and I had a lovely day in the city yesterday! Here are some photos of our outfits, experiences, and purchases...

nordstrom bp cardigan
(jenny's) raybans
target tank
forever 21 blouse
vintage necklace
citizens of humanity jeans
minnetonka moccasins
vintage coach bag

rayban aviators
jcrew top
hudson jeans
jcrew flip flops
b.makowsky bag

These photos were taken outside of the FBI building, Jenny's future :) After that we wandered around more in the Federal Triangle area, past the EPA, the IRS, and other fun buildings like that... As we walked and were kind of tired, we stopped in at Starbucks for a coffee break (where we made the astonishing discovery that coffee is cheaper in DC than in MN. Weird.) then decided to go back to gtown for a movie afternoon. We invited Nicole and Mary Clare over and proceeded to watch Fool's Gold. Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey rom-com. Enough said, lots of fun to make fun of :)

My new purchases, both from forever 21. It may have been the most gigantically huge forever 21 in the history of mankind. It was stressful. 3 floors filled to the brim with clothes, and no conceivable method to their madness. However, I have been looking for a fluffy scarf for some time, and I think this burgundy color will complement my wardrobe quite well. And I do love large sparkly rings :)

After our movie afternoon we went to Chipotle for dinner, then came back to get dressed up to go out. Sadly we found no where to go, I'm assuming mostly due to an unfortunate incident that had occurred on Georgetown's campus earlier that morning (if you don't know what I'm talking about, type Georgetown into google news. You will find it. sigh.) So we ended up going to the 4th floor to watch the end of snl and a movie in a friend's room. Not exactly a party, but at least Jenny got to meet some people. I feel bad for the hospitality that Georgetown has shown her this weekend (in addition I have been horribly busy in the mornings - not that it matters to her, she just sleeps while I do things - so I feel I have not been the best host). But oh well, she seems to be enjoying herself? Now we are going to go make some ramen noodles and go to the library. Sound fun? I think so...

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday for me - I will be studying. Get out and enjoy the lovely weather!


  1. What a dope ring :)
    too bad they don't have forever 21 here in Australia otherwise i'd always be there haha. I see so many nice hauls from there store. One day i might come up to the US and buy me some goodies :)

  2. Such cute outfits! Looks like a fun time :)

    KF x

  3. how come it's so sunny over there?? wanna trade with the drizzley rain over here? :) i love your scarf! perfect for this winter!


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