Thursday, October 14, 2010

OOTD: Rain Boots!

Guess what - it rained today! 

Sorry for the slight blurriness of all today's photos - I must have been moving at all the wrong times, and Nicole had to leave quite quickly. She's going out of town to a wedding this weekend, and I'm not happy - I had to go to brownies and quesadilla night by myself, not to mention Midnight Madness tomorrow night! Not a fan. Oh well, I guess it's what I did to her last weekend. 

target tank
forever 21 blouse
old navy cardigan
gap jeans
hunter boots
sophie watch

I was enjoying my rainboots a little too much today - going out of my way to splash in puddles, annoying the guys on our way to lunch. "Why is it girls are allowed to have boots that let them step ankle-deep in water? I'm going to go buy myself a pair of girl-boots" - please, you go do that :) Regardless, I really enjoy them and wouldn't mind if it rained again... does make it a bit chilly though, and umbrellas can be tedious. But such is life.

I was sooo productive today! I not only finished my homework that's due for tomorrow, I did some homework that's not due for awhile! I think it's because I was planning on having a quiet weekend (since its parent's weekend and mine aren't coming until next week, I figure it will be pretty quiet around the dorm), but it turns out I have a lot to do! Midnight Madness (official beginning of the basketball season - veerrry big deal at Gtown ^^) Friday night, gospel choir events and going out with Colleen on Saturday, my first day babysitting (my new job - sooo excited!) and more gospel choir on Sunday. Oofta. Lots to do. So I will have to be very productive when I get free time. We'll see if that happens...

I ate horribly today, but it was tasty. Hope you all had a tasty day too :)


  1. Eek! I love rain boots too:) I love your outfit! Sounds like you had a yummy day:p I did too, I made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins which turned out really well!


  2. You will have no free time starting next prepared! Haha

    The Haute Road

  3. Lovely blog ... I like this outfit makes me remember me when I was in college :)


  4. I love the Hunter boots! Cute outfit, thanks for checking out my site as well ;o)

  5. hi there! thanks for visiting my blog, hope you'll come again :)

    i wish it were raining here! i adore your green boots! sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you, enjoy :)
    Beneath the Glass


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