Wednesday, October 13, 2010

OOTD: Shirtdress

 So I know, normally I don't do headless shots. But today I just couldn't find any good straight-on photos, but I still wanted to show off my outfit. So here you go. Regardless, I really liked my outfit today, but, alas, there was no time to take outside photos. Here is my inside photo-shoot...

vintage belt
vintage shirtdress
target boots
burberry bag

Rings all gifts, travel abroad purchases, class ring, etc...

So today was pretty chill. I got up and had breakfast, went to Russian, got my quiz back - I was not mentally prepared to get it back yet, as we always have a few days turnover, but thankfully I did well :) Did some homework and chilled in between classes, then had a lovely little discussion in French on historical laws and conventions.

After dinner, I had an interview for a family that I might babysit for! Actually, it wasn't really an interview more of a "Hello, meet the family, when would you like to start working?" I think they really want to get back to their normal lives, and I don't blame them, I kind of feel the same way, as October is shaping up to be kind of a crazy month. Regardless, the good news is that it looks like I am going to have a job! I didn't want anything too overwhelming, so I think this is going to be just perfect, and their daughter seems adorable. 

Post-interview/meeting, Nicole and I made some (legit) popcorn on the stove - another girl I know from the floor came in and when she saw the popcorn maker (and me complaining that it doesn't work as well as the one at home) she asked me where I was from. So I said Minnesota. And she laughed a little and said "of course you are" - I seem to be getting a lot of that lately. Don't really know what it means, but at least I've been told I don't have the accent :)

Another lovely day today, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow! Why am I excited? Can't wait to road-test my new rain boots... Have a good night :)


  1. Cute outfit. I love the belt.


  2. Love your outfit. Especially the vintage belt. Btw, thanks for stopping by and leave comment on my blog. Hope we can be friend and follow each other. What do you think?

  3. lots of girls CANNOT pull off this outfit.. but you sure can!!
    cute :D


  4. This shirtdress looks gorgeous on you! I love the color and you paired it perfectly with that wonderful belt! good job.

  5. cute vintage belt!


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