Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Sorry for my lack of posting. After a whirlwind of a week with all of my visitors, I seem to have gone and gotten myself sick. So here is a picture of me wearing leggings as pants... I know, I wore them all day, they are sooo comfy and I feel I deserve them since I'm so miserable-feeling 

topshop necklace
hanes tshirt
ae cardigan
gap leggings

Sooo, while not posting, I've been sleeping. A lot. I skipped French yesterday and instead napped and watched tv. Basically I didn't leave my bed for hours, and it felt great. Nicole brought me soup, Allie (from my french class) brought me tea and butterscotches, and my roommate bought me tea and saltines. Can I just say that she is the sweetest ever? The room was a tornado this weekend because of Jenny's visit, not to mention that Jenny accidentally used her towels thinking they were mine. I actually came back to find Jackie chatting with Jenny, who was wearing her towel, and she literally didn't say a word about it! She is such a sweetie - when I woke up from my nap she asked me if I needed anything, and has let have some of her cold medicine. I feel so blessed to have such nice people around me while I'm sick, I couldn't imagine being sick without my family otherwise :)

This has been my life for the past few days - my bed and tea. Also I've been making myself drink obscene amounts of water and eat at least three clementines a day. I get at least 8 hours of sleep a day and have been napping for at least 1 more during the afternoons. Hopefully, with this regimen, I will be healthy and happy by Halloween weekend! Which reminds me... I don't have a costume!? Any suggestions for something easy I can come up with by Friday afternoon? That's when we have our SFS trick-or-treat at the embassies :)

Also this weekend is the rally put on by Stephen Colbert and John Stewart, which should be lots of fun, not to mention Halloween day itself. I worked tonight and will also be working tomorrow night. Ugh. Oh well, I get paid and tonight they fed me. I got sausage, asparagus, and real chocolate from Godiva! I am sooo spoiled. Well - I ran my poor, worn out, sick-voice ragged reading books for their child, shouldn't I get something? :)

Now I plan to watch a bit of tv (since I got back a little too late to go up and watch glee. sigh) and get to bed before midnight. Hope you are all healthy and happy!


  1. awww.. hope you feel better soon. good thing you have your roomies to take care of you. anyway, as for your costume maybe you can try using your clothes in your closet and come up with a tv/film character costume. =D

    I Am DollParts

  2. Hi there!
    Lovely blog you have.. Very cute pictures, thanks for sharing!
    Visit my blog if you like ;)

    Love from Stockholm..

  3. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog :) I'm glad you liked it!
    I hope you get well soon ***

  4. I hope you feel better!! That is so funny about the towel!! You're still so stylish even though you don't feel good!!

  5. hope u feel better..being sick is such a bummer..

  6. I hope you are feeling much better. You still look darling even though you feel under the weather. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am now following you:-) Have a lovely evening! xx


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