Saturday, October 9, 2010

New York, Part 1

topshop necklace
hanes tshirt
vintage blazer
gap jeans
h&m flats
vintage coach bag

Yay for photo shoots in Central Park! This was our first stop of the morning (or rather early afternoon - it was a late night last night). Speaking of last night let me tell you about my horrendous megabus experience. I got on the bus at 6:30, was supposed to get there at 10:50. When did I actually get to the bus stop? Around 12:20. Yeah. And that's not all - our megabus apparently doesn't have working overhead lights, so I couldn't read after about 7:00 because the sun had gone down at it was pitch black. And I got grab n go from the dining hall but it was gross, so all I had was an apple, a cookie, and a bag of chips (and the last meal I had was at 2). So I was hungry, tired, and slightly claustrophobic. Needless to say that was not the best experience of my life. But I got here, and it's been such a good time - definitely worth it in the end :)

A little schedule of my last 24 hours or so:

12:30 am - In the city! Wander around to find Beth and her friend Brian, who came to meet me, then some bread at her apartment (she went and got me real french bread, it made my day ^^)
The living room of her apartment (and my bed, over there on the couch ^^). How lucky is she!? An apartment freshman year? Spoiled :)

2:00 am - food at the Flame! Apparently they often to go
to this little cafe open 24 hours a day. I hadn't eaten a real meal since 2 in the afternoon, so I was hungry. I got french toast :)

4:00 am - finally bed time
11:30 am - out of the apartment, in the city! Walking around central park, seeing her campus

So Fordham's Lincoln Center campus is basically one building, but they have the greatest green spaces! They have several little gardens, and I really like this little trellis

1:00-5:30 - Shopping in Soho (I got so much cute stuff! Can't wait to show you photos), cupcake from the Cupcake Stop van (cookie dough cupcake = soooo good) and lunch at Dos Caminos, a tasty little Mexican restaurant with ah-mazing guacamole

My dream workplace. Hearst, can I have an internship please? I mean, I don't live here or anything, but that's not an issue, is it?

Tonight we plan and going to see the Social Network, and tomorrow probably the Met! I wasn't sure what I thought of the city from the last few times I had visited, but I'm really loving it! There's something fun about being able to explore the city on your own, doing whatever you want with no one to watch over you. I kind of like it :)

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!


  1. so cute! love your jacket
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. wow, i'm so jealous that you're in new york! and that campus looks so pretty :) x

    ps. i didn't know you have megabus in the US!!!

  3. great photos and outfit!! love your blazer <3

  4. I am so in love with your blazer!!!! The social network is great you're going to love it!!!
    Have fun!!

  5. ahhh i am so jealous
    NYC is my dream
    lucky you for visiting :)


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