Monday, October 18, 2010

OOTD: Brown and Blue

This is one of those outfits that looks so much better in my head - I tweaked it a few times throughout the day, still not sure if I ever got it completely right, but oh well! You can't look perfect every day ;)

martin&osa sweater
heritage1981 belt
zara skirt
minnetonka moccasins

You actually really can't tell, but I belted the bottom half of the sweater, just to give the outfit some shape...

On the bright side, my camera was a lot more cooperative today, with not blurriness whatsoever - and I really like this photo!

My parents get here tomorrow! I can't wait to see them. Straight after economics I'm going to head over to their hotel so that I can spend as much of the evening as possible with them (that's also why I'm going to try and finish a 5-page paper for my seminar tonight. wish me luck^^)

Don't really have much to say today. It was a pretty chill day. I read and took a nap in between classes, I went to the gym for the first time in two weeks, just got back from dinner after my production meeting. Probably this will be the last chill day I get for the next week, so I should savor it. Please excuse the insane ramblings that may follow in the next few posts, understand that I am probably operating under extreme time constraints just in general for life :)

I'm going to savor my free evening, enjoy yours!


  1. In the second picture you have a very sweet smile. (Did you have to take these in the hall of the dormitory?)

  2. I just found your blog :)

    I too am a college student and it's so difficult to
    1. Find things that fit right
    2. Once you find something that looks good, take a good photo of it!

    I'm a nocturnal type so my outfit posts are usually SO poorly lit that I refuse to post them...promising myself that NEXT time, I'll wake up earlier...

    The belt is a good idea. I myself need some tips for finding a good belt.

    Classy and Delicious

  3. @Rachel: Actually they are taken in one of the stairwells of my dorm - we have 3 but only one actually has an exit from the building so the other two are always empty and good for quick picture-taking sessions :)


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