Monday, October 4, 2010

OOTD: Plaid Flannel

urban renewal button down
vintage necklace
jcrew pants
star ling boots

 It is freezing in DC today! As you can see, I am wearing my plaid top, which is actually a pretty warm flannel, and on top of that I was wearing my north face for the majority of the day - how quickly things change! I can remember only a week ago wearing little dresses and commenting how I wished it would get colder... I don't mind the cold per se, but the rain is killing me. But a rain boot update: I haven't bought them yet, but I have a possible lead as to where I can find hunter boots (my parents said they could be an early Christmas present). I'm getting really intense about this, I just hate feeling so unprepared for the weather!

I felt bad about my lack of actual outfit posts this weekend, so I kindly asked Nicole to go somewhere and take bunches of photos for me - thank goodness she obliged, because the great majority of the photos weren't that attractive :)

Funny story... if you zoom in on this photo you will see that I am making a really odd face. But from far away you can't tell, and I like my pose :)

Sooo, last night after trying to do homework for a few hours, I texted Nicole (my aforementioned photographer if you didn't know) and complained about my lack of motivation. She was in the same boat, so we decided to take a little break - we made popcorn and watched Modern Family! If you aren't familiar with that show, I would highly recommend you start watching it. In my humble opinion, it is probably the funniest show on tv right now... watch, you are all going to look it up and not find it funny at all and think I'm weird. Except that it really is hilarious, so I don't see that happening.

I look so angsty in all of these photos! Oh well, it is a Monday. And everyone was walking through the hallway and judging. It was awkward. But such is life...

After finishing this my question is, to nap or not to nap? I have tooonnns of homework to do this evening, and I've got to be honest, it's all my own fault for procrastinating. I have around 150 pages to read for my seminar tomorrow morning, and my econ midterm that I have hardly studied for. Ugh. So I'm wondering if the coffee and muffin I plan on getting at the library coffee shop will be enough? Or do I need to take a quick power nap prior to heading over there? I'm thinking it may be too late for naps. Sigh. Definitely taking one tomorrow between classes :)

Well, after talking to my parents I heard it was a beautiful day in Minnesota, hope it was for all of you too!


  1. I like your outfit, perfect for the weather esoecially the boots!

    Oh Modern Family, haha gee thats a funny show. I havent seen too many episodes, but what I have seen Ive found enjoyable to watch.

    I know how you feel about taking pictures and posing around people. I get so self conscious.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    xx Carina

  2. Awww this post makes me miss and not miss college at the same time. Lol. ;)

    I love your outfit. Those boots are awesome. And Modern Family, eh? I need to catch an episode of that it seems. The commercials are always hilarious.

    PS. Adorable blog!

  3. Great outfit! Modern Family is hilarious!! =]

  4. Oh, I´ve heard so much already about Modern Family, I guess I gotta find some episodes to watch on internet :)
    Really like your shirt and the boots!

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

    Have a beautiful day


    Times Like Mine

  5. I love the plaid shirt it looks awesome :) yay for angsty mondays ha-ha I hatethem :P x

  6. Love the plaid shirt, xx

  7. omg i need more plaid in my life! i did a whole college week on my blog. AND i'm doing a giveaway!


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