Thursday, October 7, 2010

OOTD: Black and Gold

Ok, perhaps it should be black and khaki - but I really love that song and just wanted to quote it in my title :) I really like combining black and khaki, it just seems so put-together, don't you think?

Nicole and I had an adventure taking photos this afternoon! It is goorrgeeouss in DC today, in the 70s and sunny, so I suggested we go to this fire escape! Homecoming weekend we had seen it while looking for a good vantage point to see the football game and were this close to climbing it, until we saw some man standing up a few levels, and we thought maybe we shouldn't try it. But we decided that some day we would climb this fire escape - and today we did! It was quite an adventure, until we saw some guy in a golf cart looking at us and decided that it would be a good time to leave... fun times :)

vintage necklace
target tank top
kimchi blue top
old navy pants
minnetonka moccasins

And some photos of my lovely photographer Nicole! I really like the dress she is wearing today. 

So funny story about Nicole. She gets like no sleep. She goes to bed around 3 every morning I think and gets up around 8:30 or so to eat breakfast with me. So last night she decided to take a nap. At 7 I knocked on her door since we had plans to get dinner. I knocked several times, left a few texts, and after no answer (I didn't know she was napping at the time), I just went to dinner with a friend who was already there. About 10 minutes after I got back, I hear a knock on my door and a bleary-eyed Nicole asked if I had gotten her up for dinner. Yes Nicole, I tried. Then I sent her a text later that night asking if she wanted to get breakfast at the normal time, and as there was no response either way I decided to go knock on her door at 9:30 to see if she was coming to breakfast - her roommate answered the door and said she was sleeping. So I went with her roommate to breakfast. Sooo, basically she slept through two consecutive meals she was supposed to have with me! Oh well, I suppose she needed her sleep. It was just an amusing turn of events :)

I'm going to New York tomorrow! I can't wait - I'm trying to get a fair amount of homework done before I leave, and some I can do on the bus, but I just want to get there and enjoy myself. I want to shop, go out to eat, and go to museums. It's going to be such a fun change of pace. And after that, my family coming, and then my friend from California is coming... I am just going to be so busy! But I'm looking forward to it :)

I'm going to go out and enjoy the weather, perhaps go read on the lawn? Enjoy your afternoon!


  1. great photos!
    & outfits! (:

  2. Awesome pictures!!! I love the outfit & the setting!!! That's funny about Nicole :) guess she needed to catch up on her sleep!!!

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  4. Haha sounds love the story of your fire escape adventure and your friend sleeping in! Funny times. Those trousers are great, I like that they're cropped. And yep, always keen for a bit of khaki and black together! Lovely x

  5. Love your friend's dress!
    The story of Nicole sleeping through her meals is really funny...poor Nicole, she must have been really tired!! :)


  6. thankyou for the lovely comment! love your blog and your shoes in this post are divine! <3 XXXXX

  7. Love the pics and the outfits are really cute! lol @ Nicole managing to sleep through two meals. thats something I'd do :)

    Hope you have a fantastic time in New York!!

  8. I adore the brown flats in the first photo. ♥

  9. Cute outfit! :) It was gorgeous here, too, so I made sure I got outside and enjoyed it.

    I'm similar to your friend a lot of the time. It usually catches up with me, though.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. thanks for the comment! I love all your outfits in the photos!

    keep up the great work!


  11. You better believe I'll be there soon :) As soon as Airtran stop telling me my card is denied :/ xoxo

  12. Cute blog! I like that you photographed your photographer too! :)

    Stop by sometime - I'm all about mixing designer with great vintage/thrift finds, as seen here, here, here, and here.


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    $70 makeup giveaway!

  13. Awhhh, both of your outfit steal my heart! I love the view, isn't the weather just gorgeous? Have fun in New York!

    Have a wonderful weekend! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

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    Really lovely post , I really enjoyed your blog.

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  15. great trousers and the red dress is so cute!


  16. love the trousers and shoes! and her dress is definitely lovely.xx

  17. SO jealous that your going to NY!!
    thanks for stopping by my blog!


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