Sunday, October 17, 2010

Night Out!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I didn't get back to my dorm until late and just wanted to go to bed. It's parents weekend here at Gtown, which is a little awkward for me since my parents aren't here (they're getting here Tuesday, its not like they're just abandoning me ^^). Regardless, everyone that I normally spend time with is out with their parents. So I got to go hang out with Colleen! It was really quite fun

old navy cardigan
eyeshadow tshirt
necessary clothing skirt
black tights (which now have a hole in them. sad)
h&m flats
unknown clutch

Sorry for the shoddiness of these photos, I wasn't about to bring my new camera with me, so I brought my old one, and it doesn't do the best in low light. So, first we went and got dinner at this place Colleen found near the capital, called Cafe Mezze. It was reaallly tasty - they gave us a basket of pita bread and Colleen and I were both so starved for good bread that we ate two baskets of it!

yummy french fries with cheese
tzatziki - how we missed this from our Greece tour two years ago! Throughout the entire meal we were sooo excited to eat Greek food again, it really is the best

Some random person took this on the metro for us when they saw me struggling to take it myself ^^
Just thought I would include it, since it represents sooo much of our night - random traveling and waiting. Post-dinner, we took the metro to chinatown to get a cupcake, then sat on the steps of the National Portrait Gallery, then searched for a bathroom in the galleries (making a pit-stop in Urban outfitters...  see photo below ^^). After that we decided we wanted to go to a club, since I had never been before! Her friends at Catholic told us to go to Hawk n' Dove, and we decided on there since all the other clubs were in really sketchy areas. But we got there and nothing was happening! It's technically a bar that turns into a club when lots of kids get there, but no one was there! They kept saying, just wait, it'll happen. But when? It's 11:00 already!?! But they weren't lying. People did come, and it was super fun. I definitely enjoyed my first experience clubbing

We tried on everything furry in the store. Just doesn't work on me...

Oh, and random anecdote - when trying to figure out what to do when it seemed like Hawk n' Dove wouldn't work out, I suggested I could try and find something for us to do back at Georgetown, since there are always parties going on there. Colleen said that since it was parent's weekend that probably wouldn't be true. Lies. Definitely got hit on by a group of drunk guys while walking back on campus, kind of amusing when you're sober... Regardless, moral of the story is never underestimate how much Georgetown kids like to party :)

Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday!


  1. Never underestimate how much COLLEGE KIDS party, period! Hahaha

  2. love your blog, so inpiring!

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  3. cute blog! thanks for visiting

  4. I really like the skirt, it looks so sparkly or I don't know how to describe... the outfit is super, then! ;D


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