Sunday, October 10, 2010

New York, Part II

big it up hat; topshop necklace; h&m shirt; jcrew cardigan; forever 21 skirt; black tights; h&m flats

Two photos from last night - though I think these were technically taken very early this morning :) Last night we went to go see one of the school's shows, and it was amazing! Afterward we walked to Times Square to go see The Social Network - it was the most amazing theater ever! It's New York, so I guess since you can't build out you build up, and it just kept going up! It was so much fun. I'm in love with the skirt I'm wearing - I ended up buying it in a small even though it's a bit tight because it was the last one in the store and I love it soooo much! The pearls around the waistband and the flounciness of the skirt are just great

This morning we got tea! Beth and her friends found this adorable little Alice in Wonderland-themed tea house near their school, and she took me for a little brunch. We got sandwiches and crepes, and obviously some tea. The tea pots had these adorable little contraptions that held the top  on and prevented dripping (middle photo), and the tables were like singer sewing machines with little treadles on the bottom (bottom photo) that kept me amused all meal :) It was adorable!

old navy cardigan; vintage necklace; vintage coach bag; coco love shirt; gap jeans; minnetonka moccasins

Afterward we walked around Central Park for a few hours - the Belvedere Castle, the Shakespeare Garden, the boat pond, the Alice in Wonderland statue... it was all so gorgeous! There are lots of people, but it still feels removed from the city, like it's own little world. I really love this city, I think I need to come back more often and visit...

We also made a little visit to the Met, which is just as gorgeous as ever. The Impressionist paintings are my favorite, and they have an amazing collection! Van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Pissaro (my personal favorite - there is a room filled with his paintings, I could sit there for hours), you could get lost in that maze of little rooms! We got hot dogs and cokes and sat in the park, then walked our way back - now we are taking a much-needed rest in her dorm room before meeting up with another girl from high school in Minnesota who goes to Fordham! Who knows what we will do then, but oh well, sleep when you're dead :)

Yet another gorgeous day, hope everyone got outside and enjoyed the sunshine :)


  1. Eeek! I love New York:) Your outfits are perfect for the city too. Love it!:D


  2. that first photo is gorgeous and the tea shop looks so cute! x

  3. It seems like New York has EVERYTHING, right? Even Central Park is like an endless treasure to me! LOL I'd been to Alice's Tea Cup several times, and can't help but keep coming back. That place is just too cute hard hard to pass!

    Have a fabulous one! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  4. ive always wanted to visit NY!

    it is on my to do list. great pictures

  5. I love your style!!! I especially love your second outfit!! that tea shop looks so cute :D

  6. Never been but that tea shop looks adorable! My name is alice and i love alice in wonderland things :D

  7. This blog is adorable, I would so love to visit NY one day :)

  8. Yay u in NY...And definitely Central park is a place to go when u here in NY..
    Hope u hab a wonderful time..

  9. i wish i can go one day to new york!!
    you have a very nice blog! i'll follow you


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