Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OOTD: Hand-Knit Vest

My vest is from my Grandma! She knit it for me last year as a present, and for some reason I didn't bring half of my sweaters with me so my mom sent it to me in a box - I just love it! It dresses down a white button-down and my little stack of chains quite well I think

 Doing a little jig on the way back - sooo excited to have my family here! They arrived this afternoon, and after hanging out with them in their hotel room my parents went to a work dinner; my cousin Ashley, sister Natalie, and I went to dinner back near campus! It was so great to just catch up with them on their lives and how high school is going. We got thai food and ice cream, it was quite tasty

vintage necklaces
old navy shirt
vest knit by my grandma :)
vintage purse
gap jeans
minntetonka moccasins

I was planning on putting this up before midnight so that it would actually be Tuesday's post, but I ended up getting in an hour-long chat with people from my floor - Natalie wanted to meet people, so she was happy to see what I do everyday.
Tomorrow we plan to get the free cupcake (because we all know that is a regular event for me ^^) then after Russian get lunch and go grocery shopping - can't wait for some good bread! Then we'll all go out to eat again tomorrow, since my parents couldn't come to dinner last night. It's been so much fun to see them. And my friend Jenny gets in Thursday afternoon, so it's a crazy, but super-fun week

You are probably all sleeping... so sweet dreams!


  1. Love love LOVE that vest!!! Your grandma must be really cool!!

  2. So cool that your grandma made the vest!! I love the look! very classic!

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