Friday, October 29, 2010

OOTD: Green and Tan

Probably some of the most overdone colors this fall. I know. But I just love them! And sorry that this post is technically on Friday. It's Thursday's outfit, I'm just a college student and therefore never seem to get things done before midnight :)

vintage necklace
h&m button down
martin&osa tshirt
old navy skirt
jcrew bracelet
minnetonka moccasins

I promise my skirt wasn't this short when I was walking around today. I think it just got bunched a bit in the photo-taking process. I had a kind of crazy evening post-economics, so we couldn't take photos until around 11:45. But such is life

So this evening Nicole and I attempted to go shopping for Halloween costumes... since trick-or-treating is tomorrow... no big deal :) But we did it! Suprisingly, it's always the things you aren't thinking about that end up working! Nicole had an old homecoming dress that is a perfect Alice color, and while just browsing through my closet Nicole found a dress that inspired us to put together a Meg (from Hercules. best. disney movie. ever) together! Now we are all ready for our speed-trick-or-treating tomorrow afternoon!

Ok, so normally I would say more about my day, but its late and my contacts are starting to hurt. I think I'm going to skip my econ recitation tomorrow morning. Don't judge me. But I did well on the last midterm and I understand everything we have done so far, and I need to continue my healing process, something that I think won't happen if I have to get up that early. So I plan on not setting an alarm (ok, maybe I will set one, just as a safety precaution. But for like 10:30), and getting well-rested for what I am sure will be a fun-filled Friday!

Hope you are all resting up for an amazing Halloween weekend, get your beauty sleep :)


  1. Like your button down shirt!

  2. I love your button down!


  3. no, not overdone...i love it! and those colors are my fall staples.

  4. Stripes suit you nicely and the skirt is so cute *and your shoes!*

    We dont celebrate Halloween much here in Oz, but I think its slowly becoming recognised.

    xx Carina


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