Saturday, October 23, 2010

OOTN: Blackout

In case you were wondering, I changed it to OOTN, or outfit of the night, since this is what Jenny and I wore out today. It's kind of been a crazy day, what with trying to catch up after avoiding so much when my parents were here while still trying to spend as much time hanging out with Jenny as possible. But today after I was done with a bit of theater stuff we went out to dinner, and here is what we wore...

bcbg top
forever21 skirt
hue tights
h&m flats

So Jenny and I had a bit of an adventure getting to the restaurant this evening. I got back from painting and staining for the show around 7:30, and our reservations were at 8:45. You'd think we could get there on time, right? Wrong. After unsuccessfully trying to pick out an outfit for Jenny for the first 30 minutes, I finally got her to stick with something only for her to have to do her make-up, when we had an 8:20 bus to catch if we were ever going to make it to the metro with enough travel time. I make this all sound like Jenny's fault, which it really wasn't - or maybe it kind of was, but she was a trooper. She went barefoot from my dorm to the bus stop so that we could walk quickly and try to make it, even though it was freezing, and put up with some fast walking for the rest of the night (and the fact that I messed up the bus schedule on our way back and we had to wait outside in the cold for about 20 minutes... but details ^^). Regardless, it was a crazy travel evening, but we had a lovely dinner! And Jenny discovered that she is more of a carpaccio person than a tartare person, a valuable discovery :)

topshop necklace
necessary clothing dress
manolo blahnik shoes
Aren't  you jealous!? I know I am. Jenny is one lucky girl, and got herself a pair of signed manolos. She bought the shoes and then went to the store and actually met him! She wore the shoes around the town tonight, which I applaud her for,  more than I could do in stilettos...

Look at the mess that is my room! Jenny always managed to make my room a tornado at home in MN, and I guess here is no exception. Ugh, I'm going to have to clean this up before I go to bed, I won't be able to sleep with all of this clutter and disorganization....

I promise to get back on a regular schedule of posting next week, but in the meantime hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend, I know I plan to!


  1. Cute outfits
    Omg. Jenny is indeed incredibly lucky! :O

  2. I love the dress! And the black tights added some more class! And super jealous of the signed Manolos! XD

    Thanks for dropping by my blog <3 I love getting comments too (like you hihihi) Btw, the blazer isn't leather. It's like shiny silk that has this sheen that's reminiscent of leather. Happy you liked it though :)

    sPam of frou-frou

  3. Thats is such a cute going out outfit! I bet you had tons of fun :)
    And oh my god, your friend is oozing with luck! (and strength, I would have died in those shoes if I was in them for more than an hour...)

    Liking your blog, def. following!

  4. cute dress!! :) I love it!

    menina elegante

  5. awh such a cute dress ♥

  6. Great looks on both of you! Enjoying your blog. :)


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