Wednesday, October 6, 2010

OOTD: No Rain Boots Today

It didn't even look like rain for the majority of the day, so I felt like I would have looked like a tool wearing my rain boots. On the plus side, I got to wear my suede boots, which I love but can't wear in the rain

I was marveling at the cleanliness and openness of this stairway! We didn't feel like walking somewhere out of the building, but we also didn't feel like trying to take pictures on the main stairway because of all the traffic - these stairs literally serve no purpose other than as a fire exit (and I suppose for going between levels if you feel so inclined, but you can't exit from the building from them) so they are rarely used and sooo much nicer! Probs you will be seeing more of them as the weather gets colder and we don't want to venture around campus. We shall see.

target tank top
jcrew sweater
martin&osa jeans
target boots

I got a free cupcake today! After breakfast Nicole and I walked over to Georgetown Cupcake, where they have 100 of their secret flavor of the day for free, and we got one! I'm worried this may become a habit, as they are so close and I don't have class until 11 more often than not. help! :)

It's been a pretty chill day. After Russian and lunch I came back to my room, ate my cupcake and read Marie Claire. Oh how I love my magazines! Such a lovely break from reading economics or french politics :) Regardless, I have a french presentation on Friday which I'm a bit stressed for. I wrote it today though, so all that's left is to practice and familiarize myself some more with the subject. Wish me luck!

Tonight is the design run for the play that I am assistant props designer for! I'm excited to see the show, since the production staff and the cast don't seem to interact that much so I literally have no idea how it is going to turn out! That will be most of my evening, but as I don't really have that much homework anyways, I'm looking forward to it... kind of like I'm looking forward to going to NYC this weekend! Except that "looking forward to" would be an understatement - I can't wait!! It's going to be so much fun to see a friend from high school - not to mention all of the shopping and cavorting around the city! Only a few more days...

I am hungry. So I'm going to go get dinner now... Have a lovely evening!


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