Wednesday, November 10, 2010

oh what a day

The title is true, but it is also a song title. Perhaps I will title all my posts with songs... that would be interesting, I will consider it! This morning I woke up at 9:00 with a full 9 hours of sleep behind me, great start to my day!

old navy cardigan
topshop sweater
vintage necklace
jcrew pants
target boots

I wore an outfit similar to this to a play last weekend (or two weekends ago? being sick has ruined my sense of time...) but as I only wore it for a few hours, there was no documenting. I hate it when I wear cute outfits but forget to take photos! Because I want to show all of you, but I feel awkward wearing it again so soon because everyone else here has already seen it. So you see the conundrum of my life...

Today was a pretty chill day, especially as everything is getting easier as I get healthier. It's so lovely not feeling horribly exhausted and/or sickly everyday! I had almost forgotten the feeling :)

This evening was babysitting, and as I was walking there, I got a call saying that they were running late on getting home. Again. (I think I mentioned that they were 45 minutes late yesterday. Awkward.). But this time she told me while I was still on M street, so I planned to go in and get myself coffee somewhere or something. Except, as luck would have it, it was the one day that I forgot to bring my wallet with me, I only had my keys and my phone. So I just went into Barnes and Noble, grabbed the UK Elle, and sat down for about 20 minutes or so. I love European fashion magazines! Anyone from that side of the ocean, you are so lucky! I would get myself a subscription, but shipping is so ridiculous, I just can't make myself do it.

Babysitting was interesting this evening. She wanted to dress up as a princess as usual, and for me to save her from a tower. As usual. Oh well, by the end I was able to convince her to sit down and let me read some books to her, which I always appreciate, it's a bit of a respite from all of the princess and princess-pirate (yes, in her world they do exist. and sometimes they also do double-duty as firefighters) games.

Tomorrow I have a Russian quiz so wish me luck! But now I need to go to bed, it's still important for me to get my sleep as I've clearly demonstrated before - apparently one night of bad sleep and I'm back into being sick. Not happening again! Unfortunately I see it is just past midnight so this post is officially now on Thursday, and as it is late I hope you are all sleeping well! Have a lovely night :)

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  1. i love prints with birds..i dont know why. but I absolutely love your sweater!



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