Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Title of a great song by The Cab (off their cd Whisper War - the whole thing is amazing), also describes my Econ class today! I think I actually fell asleep. Kept closing my eyes for a few seconds so I could refocus, then I did the awkward head-bobbing thing, altogether not a fun hour and a half of my life. But good news... I didn't have to babysit tonight! It was actually suuuuch a lifesaver, I was walking out of econ and starting my trek to work when I checked my phone and saw I had a missed call and voicemail! It was the family I babysit for, telling me they didn't need me. Yay! So I got to have dinner at Leo's, and.... Watch Glee!! I had missed that, working every Tuesday, but this week I got to go up to the 4th floor like I used to and bond with other New South residents over our love of that ridiculous show :)
VS tank top
jcrew sweater
jcrew skirt
gray tights?
hunter boots

Today was a... it was a Tuesday. Never really a fan, since I have to get up earlier than usual, go straight to my 2hour seminar, and then go straight after that to Russian. Ugh. But today my seminar was slightly more interesting since it was about Australian literature! Now I'm not taking an English class this semester, nor will I ever have to, since I tested out of all my English requirements, and who knows when I will ever have a free elective space. That kind of saddens me, since I loved the deep discussions we always had in high school, and I'm sure they would be very interesting in college as well. But some things aren't meant to be, sadly

My afternoon was kind of nice though, since I had a break after doing a bit of homework to watch some tv (90210 to be exact ^^) and skype my friend Jenny! You would remember her from some of my posts from a few weeks ago, she is a friend from high school who goes to USC now (and she also has a blog! Click on "The Haute Road" in my blog list on the right) - after that shameless plug :) .... I'm really sad since she isn't coming home until Christmas break, but it's only a month or so until we get to see each other again! And we will have sooo much fun then - shopping, dinners out, going to the casino, just like old times. Can't wait to see her, or to see all of my other friends! I can't believe that I will be on a plane back to MN a week from tomorrow. It's been soooo long, and I can't wait to see my family, hang out with my friends, and just be in my home state. Sad it will be such a short break, but as I said, not too long until Christmas comes around!

So plans for this evening - going to the library to study for my french exam tomorrow. I'm sooo stressed! It's my proficiency exam, so if I pass it then it will go on my diploma that I am proficient in French and I won't have to take any more French classes! Not that I don't like French class, it's actually one of my favorites, but taking two languages is kind of cutting in on my requirements... Regardless, I really hope to pass it, don't really expect to, but I can always take one more French class and try again next semester. Wish me luck!

Sorry for being such a bad blogger this past weekend, hopefully this week will be an improvement, and maybe when I get home Natalie and I can do a shoot in the snow! I just thought of that right now, that would be so cute! Excuse my tangent... have a good night!


  1. I love the way the boots look with the skirt! It's such a cute school girl look:)I've been having trouble staying awake in classes lately too, haha. I hope you guys do a shoot in the snow--that would be cute! I want to do that too:)


  2. I don't think there's enough snow outside is there? If so my parents have been seriously lacking in their promise to keep me updated on snow levels. And I am in love with your outfit! So J.Crew. Remember when we didn't own anything from there? Lol. And call me crazy but I don't recall any particularly scintillating discussions in English class in high school...and I can't wait to see you either bud! Back in home territory. And you best be coming out to LA sometime next semester to hang with me! And thanks for the shameless plug :) So longest comment I've ever posted...

    The Haute Road

  3. is that a velvet skirt?! your outfit is soo cute! I really want red hunter boots, I have grey but they seem so very boring...


  4. Hope the exam went well, wish I could still speak French!


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