Tuesday, November 30, 2010

new jewelery!

I feel so blessed to have two grandmothers who care so much about me. Yesterday I got a package from my grandma on my dad's side, who had sent me some flannel sheets "to keep me warm." I really dislike the sheets we ordered from Georgetown, so I was so excited! And today I got a package from my grandma on my mom's side with handmade cards (she heard that I didn't have any good stationary to write thank you notes and such on) and some gorgeous vintage jewelry of hers! So I decided to take some photos of them for today's post

I just love them all and it was such a surprise opening my box to find little boxes and bags filled with gorgeous vintage jewelry! Chains have always been favorites of mine (I love to layer a bunch), so the ones she sent me will definitely be used. And I have always thought pins like the ones she sent are really cool but didn't know how to wear them - and, of course, didn't own any. But now that I have some I will just have to figure it out!

Today wasn't the best outfit day for me, however. I had a really cute outfit picked out in my head (we shall see, it may work for tomorrow), but then I woke up and was freeeezing. And I was like, nope, today is a day for fuzzy socks and sweatshirts. So I put on my Georgetown sweatshirt, my minnie pants from jcrew (a.k.a my favorite pants ever), and my fuzzy socks in my rainboots. So, not really an outfit post. 

Good news is I didn't have to work today! I haven't worked in a while, so it's good that I made more than I spent a few weeks ago, so I'm doing just fine, but I suppose I would like to work soon. However, that means I have a ton of free time! I'm currently sitting in my pajamas (I know. It's only 10) and I plan to just watch hulu for the rest of the night. And Colleen came over earlier this evening and we went out to dinner then came back to watch Glee (something I'm getting used to being able to do on Tuesdays. I'm going to be sad when I have to actually work then again...)

Ok, time to hulu! Hope you had a fabulous Tuesday (mine was surprising good. Definitely exceeded my low expectations ^^), have a good night!

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